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There’s so much being built in the sky factory


Minecraft video



  • Chelsea Mae 1 week ago

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  • Gitting Gudder 1 week ago

    does geoff need a hug?

  • Cody Ingram-Moore 1 week ago

    So…. Geoff. Please don’t kill yourself buddy. XD… No seriously. Easily the best person (and I don’t mean best entertainer either) at Rooster teeth. You’ve got real talent man. Life has it’s hiccups but I think you’ve got further to go still. Don’t stop with RT ur a great comedian with or without it. Hope to see your HBO special someday Goeff. I doubt this will make it to you but even so… Take care

  • TheUnKnownGamer 1 week ago

    Jeremy just making some music with sticky keys

  • Rainny Dazed 1 week ago

    Gavin’s sadness is heartbreaking, yet amusing.

  • IHave ThreeBalls 1 week ago

    Gavin, I know how to get Michael to stop bullying you. Just make yourself more assertive

  • Joey Keith 1 week ago

    You guys need to play minecraft voltz. Even teams and build up weapons and have nuclear war against each other

  • Alyx Anderson 1 week ago

    I think Gavin is more committed to his marriage with Michael than he will be to anything else

  • TonViper 1 week ago

    Close. Local time was 13:37 when the video ended for me.

  • Rudeboy Butts 1 week ago

    15:57 anyone else catch that Jaboody Show reference?

  • mind_combatant 1 week ago

    do they have rftools dimensions in this modpack? if so, Jack could graduate from making solar systems to making whole dimensions!

  • Jelle Torres ruano 1 week ago

    2 o clock here

  • Pars ベイリー 1 week ago

    Of course Lindsay opened up a donut shop now let’s see her try not to eat everything she makes

  • stewie wei 1 week ago

    Gavin should remake the achievement hunter office.

  • Jason Lee 1 week ago

    Missed opportunity in calling it the ‘Lad Pad’

  • Jason Childers 1 week ago

    man i almost don’t want to watch it just because of how much geoff sux

  • Ze Pringle Lord 1 week ago

    Sorry gav it’s 1 not 2

  • Yasemin Kocak 1 week ago

    No joke… finished watching this video at 2′oclock

  • Zay Dan 1 week ago

    Holy crap I actually am watching this at 2pm

  • FrikStore Trailers 1 week ago

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  • l Nero l 1 week ago

    46:40 Gavin’s ear piercing squeal is the most precious moment in this episode.

  • Rebekah K 1 week ago

    I finished this at 14:13pm. Close enough.

  • thetourettesgmr 1 week ago

    the walkways in the village almost looks like a swastika

  • Immortui Praebibo 1 week ago

    So when did Lindsay blow up simple geoff’s farm

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  • Harvey Zenith 1 week ago

    Gavin: What if the audience is watching this at 2′o’clock?
    Me: *checks time*
    *is 2am*
    Me: Well fuck me then

  • Louise 1 week ago

    two vastly different highlights from this episode: Geoff naming the chicken Millicent and Ryan calling the lad den the fuck hole

  • Queer Gene 1 week ago

    This makes me irrationally happy

  • Cameron N 1 week ago

    Tried to watch drunk
    Was one of the best ideas I had
    I was so fucked I don’t remember the vid!
    Round 2!

  • Bradlee Carney 1 week ago

    The disappointment in Michaels voice when gav calls the “sieve” a “seve” is amazing. “He’s just- (fucking kill me) I’m sorry about him”

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