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  • SoL Mackay 1 year ago

    That ending with Geoff made me laugh

  • Mr. Ultimate 1 year ago

    That ending was so sad!!!!

  • Ryan Erickson 1 year ago

    First of all the star from the tree and ended with a nuke how does that happen

  • Chaoslord48 1 year ago

    I can’t wait for the animated versions of this

  • Rainny Dazed 1 year ago

    I legit teared up at the credits.

  • insertgenericusernamehere 1 year ago

    Really gonna miss this series but nobody can’t say it went out in a blaze of glory

  • Logan Plourde 1 year ago

    Oggloid sounds like a slur

  • Emma The Uma 1 year ago

    Was anyone else actually sad when they died? ;-; The end of an era…

  • stupogo0 1 year ago

    wait would the explosion have actually gotten to Geoff?

  • PiratemanForever 1 year ago

    That terrible acting was really made up for by the credits scene. You’ve got it when it counts Geoff.

  • Laat_Dovahkiin117 1 year ago

    Best ending ever and what’s the song it plays during the credits

  • jakob leuzinger 1 year ago

    What does Geoff say at 53:04??

  • Blarbus 1 year ago

    What an “explosive” finale!

  • Benjamin Fuller 1 year ago

    The way that everyone starts panicking before the inevitable feels like some sort of Sky Factory version of THREADS or The Day After during the attack sequence.

  • ikbenkatieeex 1 year ago

    i’m so heartbroken :(

  • zelodec 1 year ago

    I cried a little :( beautiful ending

  • ELPSS 1 year ago

    I wasn’t expecting that much of an emotional ending to the saga.

  • Stephen Wensel 1 year ago

    that ending was great! so funny totally didnt expect it!! the explosion was so much bigger than i expected

  • justin koprowski 1 year ago

    Those credits, it’s the end of an era

  • NotSoFunny 1 year ago

    It actually ended I actually can’t believe it!

  • Finn 1 year ago

    The end of an era.

  • Ambrose Bullock 1 year ago

    lmao that was the most dramatic ending this was so fun to watch… im gonna miss skyfactory

  • mynd flux 1 year ago

    They keep saying react the fine Bros will come after them

  • Rielly Finger 1 year ago

    This was just the ending to Hotline Miami 2

  • Game Lover 117 1 year ago

    I will miss sky factory it was the best. sad ending. good job let’s play and achievement hunter

  • Louy Lou 1 year ago

    That’s how Spiderman 2 starts

  • Ashley Taylor 1 year ago

    Sky Factory is what got me to come back to watching the Minecraft series; the normal stuff in Achievement City just felt stale to me. It’s really sad to see it end, but my god is it a good ending.

  • Daniel Lacey 1 year ago

    That was more emotional than expected

  • Cody Smock 1 year ago

    Should of had a montage of them trying to figure out how to make dirt at the end.

  • Emi Baez 1 year ago

    I loved the absolute chaos as the timer started with everyone either bailing or trying to fix it.

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