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With Achievement City left completely


Minecraft video



  • Callum Macey 11 months ago

    Can you put a big sign somewhere that says Achieveland > Cleveland?

  • TJ Clegg 11 months ago

    You should make a massive cave in the mountain and use the space to build

  • Jonathan Seagrave 11 months ago

    Really happy they’re finally settling down and setting up a new town. But, I’m so jealous they have those perfect islands there for themselves and they’re not doing shit as far as houses are concerned there. Especially with all of the monsters attacking them.

  • MarkakaMark 11 months ago

    check out the mcmmo plugin you guys might like it since

  • Sillius Soddus 11 months ago

    Lindsay leave

  • BJ9992 11 months ago

    I feel like there are way too many people in this series, tbf I haven’t watched their content for a while, but the constant chattering and interruption is just unpleasant.

  • Far too late advice: In areas of high spawn rates, you will need a safe place to craft tools, cook food, etc., that is just large enough to not get blown up by creepers and house enough beds to reset your spawn point.

  • Tanner Woods 11 months ago

    Give me the usual 6 guys or I won’t watch.

  • This feels scripted too you’ve ruined me everything feels scripted now…

    Also “Baah with me Bros” t-shirt when?

  • King Kraig 11 months ago

    So is this the new Minecraft crew? Cause i’m cool with it.

  • Knight of The Gilded Curvation 11 months ago

    Trevor and Alfredo are Terrance and Phillip without the flatulence.

  • Alex Krasnoff 11 months ago

    F7 isn’t a mod it’s an in game feature

  • Jared Cicero 11 months ago

    I’m disappointed they didn’t use a rose/rose bush as the official flower in memory of a long forgotten friend who died with Achievement City

  • It’s weird that plan G. Is almost 6 years old now.

  • Collin Gallagher 11 months ago

    But what actually was the noise that Trevor heard…?

  • Chuunibyou Neko 11 months ago

    What’s the word that was beeped

  • killjoys7000 11 months ago

    Jack is really upset about those seeds. And the wall.

  • ethan schieve 11 months ago

    “That has no negative effect on your anus”
    “What about Saturn?”

  • Cole Duvall 11 months ago

    Oid doesn’t mean bad it means similar too

  • Queer Gene 11 months ago

    I think im excited for this

  • Tulsi Patel 11 months ago

    “I landed on my bed! Oh that’s beautiful.”

  • Eric Schenkenberger 11 months ago

    So Jack, Geoff and Ryan are The Gents,
    Gavin, Michael and Jeremy are The Lads,
    What are Lindsey, Trevor, Alfredo and Matt going to call themselves?

  • UwU God 11 months ago

    These comments are so garbage it hurts lmao I can’t even. Lindsay hate is stupid, Trevor hate is stupid, Alfredo hate is stupid, Jeremy hate is stupid, Jack hate is stupid, any hate on anyone in the AH team is stupid.

  • bassoonchaser88 11 months ago

    So, if achievement city it dead, does that mean Edgar is free? Free Edgar 2018?

    Also with this new world, Ryan should be banned from naming anything Edgar.

  • The CVR123 11 months ago

    This is just weird and a little sad to watch

  • Alex Krasnoff 11 months ago

    I feel bad for Jeremy he’s gonna have to break the entire circle to dye it and then remake it

  • NeonMan16 11 months ago

    Hope AchieveLand doesnt end up like boruto

  • Simon Brisson 11 months ago

    Can we get a seed for the map they’re using?

  • Francis York Morgan 11 months ago

    38:07 *WHA HAPPUH*

  • Just so everyone is clear Geoff is building the stairs of Cirith Ungol with the giant spider from lord of the rings.

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