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The crew continue building their Achievement Cove


Minecraft video



  • Seth Mafi 8 months ago

    Girl Scout creeper sounds wrong.

  • GameAct3 8 months ago

    They need to do an episode of Minecraft using VR.

    Speaking of, what ever happened to VR The Champions?

  • Just accept it 8 months ago

    There’s a cummy in my tummy! SO CUMMY SO YUMMY! Theres a cummy im my tummy!

  • TheShisno 8 months ago

    I think this is one of the funniest episodes of this entire series

  • Ginger the Espeon 8 months ago

    I love this series so much. It’s good to see og Minecraft where everything is so casual.

  • Todd Phillips 8 months ago

    Jeremy should build his house under the achievement hunter logo when it’s done

  • Scott Johnson 8 months ago

    At 27:48 the cliffs in the background of Michel and Lindsay’s house looks like a saggy scrotum

  • Slimey 8 months ago

    You mean this?

  • none of your business 8 months ago

    Petra isn’t in Egypt. It’s in Jordan.

  • All Kinds Of Gainz 8 months ago

    Put Gavin in RWBY. ten outta ten idea.

  • That accent Alfredo does is getting annoying. Actually he’s getting annoying in general

  • Jason Slater 8 months ago

    35:40 damn really starting to love Alfredo!

  • Thomas Wehrmann 8 months ago

    XD hahahaha

    fucking… “Girl Scout Creeper” XD hahaha!

  • dr. derp 8 months ago

    Why is it that I think at some point Gavins skin is gonna get him killed

  • the prince of all saiyans .Vegeta 8 months ago

    wasnt the logo finished in the last vid?

  • Austin Schaffer 8 months ago

    Gavin’s house is like a wooden cavern.

  • Steven Esteves 8 months ago

    “Yummy, yummy, yummy, I’ve got a cum in my tummy.”

  • Basket Case Gaming 8 months ago

    Ok the “Hay” joke was just awful, thank god no one tried to push it further.

    Hey, wood!

    There I did it for them

  • slothfulcobra 8 months ago

    Man, you desperately need some extra colors of wood.

  • Zero Todona 8 months ago

    It amazes me they didn’t know the shove makes a pathway….

  • Hannah Holschen 8 months ago

    Jack’s audio is going to kill me.

  • Demonboy Gaming 8 months ago

    When “Dusk boys” are dickheads – Gavin: Nothing to do with me

    When they do something good: Yup, I’m their leader.
    Must be getting old cause that shit annoys me

  • Vicious Zero 8 months ago

    “Yummy yummy I got cum in my tummy.”

    Also I like how they referenced Gavin’s incident, having to call the cops recently, that was savage.

  • Phased Cloak 8 months ago

    9:56 minute in, and i’m already enjoying it.
    poor jeremy

  • Matthew Nicholes 8 months ago

    Jack is SOOO UNSYNCED it driving me nuts

  • Nic H 8 months ago

    I like this crew, this is a good crew. Add Geoff and it’s the best crew. Don’t add anyone else though only Geoff. 9 is the perfect number. 10 is too much.

  • AlleyGator 2702 8 months ago

    Ryan: C’mon sheep follow my hay. (Ryan saying that with a piece of wheat in his hand.)

  • kyle smith 8 months ago

    I love xray and vav. I miss it

  • Durandol 8 months ago

    The dumbwaiter bit needs to be animated.

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