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  • Sarcastic koala 1 month ago

    #myquestion how is greifing prevented?

  • WEB TREE 1 month ago

    Lucky person having u as server administrator ( XISUMA)

  • Jaret 1 month ago

    How is he not worried about xrayers

  • zGrizzlyZombiez 1 month ago

    X always seems to have an entourage everywhere he goes lol

  • Lahav P 1 month ago

    what do you mean “maybe not as good as hermitcraft”?? exactly as good as hermitcraft!

  • Sinjin 1 month ago

    I miss the other hermits in this series, then its HermitCraft Together :D

  • Schner1 1 month ago

    I love that every episode you have a new posse following you around :D

  • fire stone 1 month ago

    isn’t acacia pronounced “a-kae-sha”?

  • Anas ahmed 1 month ago

    #myquestion can you host a world war on the server 1 day before the reset date.

  • RandomTheBest 1 month ago

    Take the pants off from the guard X

  • ann onn 1 month ago

    For the love of Pete, please stop saying Acacia as “A-cha-cha”! It’s “A-kay-see-a”

  • Michael Robinson 1 month ago

    STOP USING GMT!!! It is misleading to many people and UTC is the international time.

  • rashkavar 1 month ago

    Anyone who’s wondering how to spell that nigh-unpronouncible name: Phssthpok. Most of us on Zombiecraft just say Pusht-pok. It’s not correct, but Cleo uses it and he seems fine with that.

    He’s also got a more involved system in development that will be taking advantage of some of the command changes in 1.13.

  • Guillo 15 1 month ago

    #MyQuestion: What is the difference between pranks and griefing Xisuma?

  • Jeffrey Black 1 month ago

    When you reset the overworld, why not keep the seed the same? That way the spawners should still be there.

  • Eddy Wolf 1 month ago

    The crafting table mafia < crafting table thief (Etho)

  • BloxXor 1 month ago

    Are you gonna port that armor stand stuff to 1.13 when it comes out?

  • JollyJadenTNT 1 month ago

    Awesome vids like always, xisumavoid!

  • NAGA2086 1 month ago

    Hermitcraft has nothing on this server. Season 3 is about the best season that you guys had. This current season has been dragging on and it’s very boring to watch now.

  • Caleb Woody 1 month ago

    Why are you resetting the world? Won’t 1.13 keep the same world in the seed?

  • DrHenchman 1 month ago

    That armour stand book looks really well put together. It would be awesome if it was released, particularly as a datapack for 1.13 which should make it very easy to distribute and install

  • Delve 1 month ago

    Hey, X! A while back, I asked if you would make a tutorial on how to make a Nether hub, and, if I remember correctly, you said you would, but it never happened. Why? Anyway, I’m loving LPMT! Keep it up!

  • Kommander Dinoman plays 1 month ago

    #myquestion are you gonna add a way to uncraft things cause that’s what I think Minecraft needs maybe you can do it with the 1.13 custom crafting things

  • HHHdacat7 ??? 1 month ago

    I wish I was able to join username is HHHjb

  • Baby Bop 1 month ago

    You and vintage beef should do a world together where you have both of y’alls fans in it

  • Robert Fekete 1 month ago

    This may sound a bit weird, but that timelapse around 5:30 really looks like a timelapse of worker ants expanding territory or something like that

  • Singh Zen 1 month ago

    X – do you have any idea when you will reset the overworld? As soon as 1.13 is released or after some time?

  • DragonKingDrake 1 month ago

    it hurts when you say “achacha”

  • Random Geek Guy 1 month ago

    This series inspire me so much

  • Phantom03 1 month ago

    #myquestion. Will there be LPMT s2 and will you use the command you use in LPMT

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