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Minecraft video



  • Jason Taylor 10 months ago

    My dad name is Jason I’m gunnar and I like your videos I’m 7

  • Thomas Sharkey 10 months ago

    Me too

  • Richael Corcoran 10 months ago

    I hate when lil Kelly broke p.s I wish lil Kelly was my mom

  • A Kitten Meow 10 months ago

    Vilagers are idiots they have stupid trades

  • Robert Forrester 10 months ago

    By yam Robert I love your videos

  • Nastars 17 10 months ago

    Guys I met little kelly in roblox

  • David Villavicencio 10 months ago

    i know right

  • Rosie Ruiz 10 months ago

    I will like it

  • Cinda Harrold 10 months ago

    im on my mom’s account but LITTLE KELLY you inspired to make me play minecraft and that video that you made about when raven got you a house so im right now trying to make a neighborhood on minecraft!

  • Green Wolf 10 months ago

    How long are u guys going to be toys?

  • wasif khan 10 months ago

    Has anyone ever think that Kelly sounds a bit like wengie????????????????? Like if u agree

  • wasif khan 10 months ago

    How are the not loosing health?

  • cutey gamer cat 10 months ago

    is your cosin willow in 2 sun she is my bff

  • wasif khan 10 months ago

    For very smart toys,they r kinda dumb well the shark is

  • Xxshadowx11 10 months ago

    Make a new one

  • Jessica Pham 10 months ago

    F:::k you

  • Mauricia Colley 10 months ago

    IM A BIG FAN!!!

  • Kaiser GraySticks 10 months ago

    YAYYYYY!!!!!!! I luv Disney as well as Kingdom Hearts Sooooooooooooooo much!!!!!! Luv how Disney is in here!! And Mickey will never break up with Minnie!!

  • Katelyn Marie 10 months ago
  • Katelyn Marie 10 months ago
  • _Anime Girl_ 10 months ago

    little Kelly what happened to crazy craft

  • Lynda Beresford 10 months ago

  • Earl prime Militante 10 months ago

    I. hate. you

  • alleah dicipulo 10 months ago

    hey dont call stupid when your idea is not good

  • Valentina Saleme 10 months ago

    Hi bruh

  • Brianna C 10 months ago

    omg hi I love you guys ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. kiss

  • Christopher James 10 months ago

    Hey little kelly add more and cool videos

  • Christopher James 10 months ago

    Hey little kelly add more and cool videos

  • Delia Martin 10 months ago

    congrats for 2 million subscribers

  • Mk raiden 3442 10 months ago

    Oh no no no no Being broken doll is scary

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