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Watch How To Minecraft S1 Episode 1 here:


Minecraft video



  • Woahits Abilassh 4 days ago

    omg this almost make me cry vikk u should bring everyone back and do this agian we miss all of this please vikk bring back t he old days but i will still love u on all what u do


  • ___TheRealSupernon ___ 4 days ago

    2:36 Those typing skills…

  • connor topping 4 days ago

    u should start this again

  • Keaton Park 4 days ago

    Anyone who didn’t say season one was the best is not a 1900s kid

  • Smash Ultimate 4 days ago

    new HTM ?

  • bob mann 4 days ago

    Just reload pixelmon now

  • DSE _ SebeNation 4 days ago

    You should do a Fortnite creative 2v2v2 viklan vs poofles vs merome

  • Simpsons watcher 4 days ago

    I think this video would have been better without the shaders because it would have been more nostalgic and you would have been able to see more

  • All Star rocks 4 days ago

    Vik play 1.18 minecraft with lachy and jerome
    Please like if you want vik play 1.18 minecraft with lachy and jerome

  • Martin Grasic 4 days ago

    You should do a last final season

  • Mine Smashers 4 days ago

    You should watch your pixelmon series and you skygrid with ali-a as those were the good old times

  • Daan de Gier 4 days ago

    I remember coming home jumping on the couch w my iPad and watching my daily HTM

  • LittleShy Lotus123 4 days ago

    When Lachlan was lachydachy and jagbattleduty
    When rob didn’t have a job(robadobflob)
    Preston was a prickly cactus(still is)
    And we got Mitch time
    And when Jerome was THE Chewbacca

  • Sankaran Subramanian 4 days ago

    please bring back all the players if possible my life would be complete

  • Timi Olatunde 4 days ago

    VIK do UHC again

  • Jake Gibb 4 days ago

    I watched every part of season one on everyone’s yt plz try make this seen so they do another one :)

  • Sohamsta 4 days ago

    Great video!!

    Btw trying to hit 300 subs

  • julia gates 4 days ago

    Ok I miss vikk we all do come back

  • KickerTox 4 days ago

    Salty lagoon!

  • Donny lol master jr 4 days ago

    I would watch another how to Minecraft who else would

  • Flexii 4 days ago

    I missed this

  • Ghetto o 4 days ago

    Start a new one

  • Aure Romanno 4 days ago

    Back when Ali A played Minecraft

  • Acestar 20o1 4 days ago

    Do a nather htmbplz vikk get the pack back

  • AutomatonPotato 4 days ago

    Why go to hypixel when you can go back to mc

  • #OneMorePackVideo

  • TheNamesLoicy 4 days ago

    *Hey guys it’s me, vikkstar123*

  • Acestar 20o1 4 days ago

    Bring back the coolkidsclub

  • Hazosh 4 days ago

    can somebody tell me what is his shaders pack is ?

  • WUS Joeypartyrocker 4 days ago

    Y’all should do another htm

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