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Minecraft video



  • Ξενοφώντας Σούλης 8 months ago

    There is a video of Pink Panther, where the front part of a motorcycle leaves and Pink Panther stays on the back side. It’s Put Put Pink.

  • Seth Black 8 months ago

    If only slime blocks could be died grey

  • Rosales Emano 8 months ago

    in some thought, the wheel of the tank is not the one who makes the whole tank run

  • Sean Cornista 8 months ago

    Why the piston is getting left behind because the observer block activates it but the slime block moves you know hpw redstones work when like a piston is activated the slime block on the side cant move it cuz the piston is activated.

  • Sean Cornista 8 months ago

    8:25 IT LOOKS LIKE A SCORPION but tank

  • Roghan Gnanam 8 months ago

    i saw your video of making a redstone noob into a pro, can you make another video more informative which is similar to the video

  • Psychotic-Gamer 8 months ago

    Love U

  • the squaw bird squad 8 months ago

    I show my friend gypsy fox to see if he can one up mumbo and he said his going to try to work on something like it

  • Isak filbært 8 months ago

    i like for the tank bikr

  • slasher smasher 8 months ago

    no hate but, you could have just used some dispensers and fire charges for the weapons
    edit: changed my mind, forgot inventory blocks can`t be moved by pistons

  • the squaw bird squad 8 months ago

    at 9:48 at that moment he knew he fuck up

  • NAME 156 8 months ago

    6:23 backup lol XD

  • Muaz Anuar 8 months ago

    Please show How to Build Stockpile meter That easy to look that how much stock we have in Box…

  • Ryan Sears 8 months ago

    Mumbo can you create a 3rd channel for mcpe please anyways iam your big fan i love your redstone builds

  • God of Minecraft 8 months ago

    Bring it in to hermit craft please

  • SUBZERO101 3637 8 months ago

    9:58 my favorite part

  • Matt Crowe 8 months ago

    The part where the tank separated into 2 reminded me (in reverse) of the early Power Ranger Zords coming together to form one bigger machine. You should make this next! 3-4 machines which combine into one and then continues to move as one. :D

  • Katelyn Marks 8 months ago

    You have such a great mind mumbo ♡

  • Danny Johnson 8 months ago

    Now do a tutorial on the tank pls pls pls pls PLS PLS PLS

  • Khalid Ali 8 months ago

    cubehamster did the same thing but without tnt

  • Rey Villana 8 months ago

    Mumbo what version of Minecraft do you have…and what texture pack do you have..

  • Fender Gabonia 8 months ago

    I really bow down to mumbo, he’s like tony stark in real life

  • shades 8 months ago

    can u load the cannon while riding it?

  • AlexPlays_Gamez 8 months ago

    can you make a download of it pls

  • PIXELED PLAYER 8 months ago

    Why can’t you just use a dispenser for a magazine.

  • it can also be able to fly!

  • Orangevwbug 8 months ago

    Instead of TNT you could do fire arrows….

  • 16howardk Kyle Howard 8 months ago

    what about a transformer mumbo? anyway nice vid man?!?!?

  • Fir3Cl4w 8 months ago

    This design is so good North-Korea might take it

  • H Duke 8 months ago

    Just too cool. Fire charges an dispensers full of rockets would finish this tank of MCdoom off.

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