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Matt, Kerry, and Adam take a trip to TheMagicBloo’s Helms Deep Siege map. There are absolutely no inaccuracies about the Lord of the Ring’s movies in this video. If you want us to check out…


Minecraft video


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  • Lev Myskin 5 years ago

    The commentary on this video is completely shambolic. They’re constantly
    talking over each other (to the point where you can’t hear anything),
    tripping over their words and losing the plot entirely.

    Someone needs to sit these guys down and give them a lesson in basic
    communication skills.?

  • Kilivin 5 years ago

    I played this map ages ago when the map maker was in it during Beta. It is
    amazing, but the orc class that moves super fast is kiiiiiiiiiind of
    broken. . At least when I played. Would be fun to play it again.

    Side note: I didn’t understand any of the commentary in this.?

  • Luke Swishfish 5 years ago

    Being a huge LOTR fan, this commentary deeply offended me…I feel your
    pain Adam. ?

  • Instagamrr 5 years ago

    Eiffel 65 flashback 0:43?

  • Connor Calder 5 years ago

    As a Big LOTR fan I never understood why, If Gwaihir was flying Gandalf
    about anyway why they didn’t use the eagles to Fly the ring into Mordor
    thus preventing Countless amounts of War and Death at the hands of Saurons
    army, Instead of Walking to Mordor, Just A Thought??

  • Matt’s jokes sound really forced… ?

  • Ned Flanders 5 years ago

    I will never forget how some elf died in the movie, and it went all slomo
    and ‘drama-mode’ and I was like ‘What is the big deal? People/elfs/dworfs
    die in a battle, especially went the odds are against them’.

    This caused a heated argument at school back then.?

  • Brandon D. Halsey 5 years ago

    If you haven’t seen The Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit or Star Wars then you
    haven’t lived and it should be a sin

    Oh yeah and Harry Potter?

  • Roland Schlösser 5 years ago

    Matt has not seen any of the LOTR movies?? well now I don’t like him :) ?

  • Kevin Edward 5 years ago

    I don’t like green food. 40% of you will get that?

  • Rachel Rogers 5 years ago

    It’s missing the hill that Gandalf arrives from and charges down.?

  • KZ2killer 5 years ago

    There is a lot about this map creation that isn’t right. The trees
    shouldn’t be there, there isn’t s camp in the back of the walled area, the
    setting is off, i could do better than this..?

  • nordic fatcheese 5 years ago

    Foul deeds awake.
    Now for wrath,
    now for ruin,
    and the red dawn!

    (Horn blowing was that last one)?

  • I wonder if there’s a Minas Tirith multiplayer map?

  • SnowBoarderX94 5 years ago

    The commentary is soooooooooo blah in these. I appreciate that they aren’t
    screaming anymore though. Definitely an improvement I guess.?

  • Large Force 5 years ago

    i was really impressed until i realise this was on pc and was basically a 2
    hour job?

  • David Hubbard 5 years ago

    Did anyone else call it Lord of the Rings: The Twin Towers when they were

  • Mike Aiken 5 years ago

    btw to all the people who didn’t know why the swamp kills you it’s because
    in the books the orcs where pushed back and the trees came alive and killed
    all the orcs.?

  • NinjaPups 5 years ago

    I always get excited to watch Megacraft but then instantly remember how
    much it makes me realize i suck compared to the lads who build this stuff

  • BadassFreeman 5 years ago

    Make a Let’s Play out of this on PC, since it can hold more people. Maybe a
    8vs8 or 16vs16 with people arround Achievement Hunter and Rooster Teeth.

    Or at least make one of the L4D/L4D2 mod…If they haven’t yet.?