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Minecraft PvP MindCrack UHC 19! 2 teams randomly spread around the map. As always health regeneration is turned off and the only way to restore health is golden apples or health potions. This…


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  • Wawasjohn 5 years ago

    lol just because u have one diamond and ur throwing it to each other, doc
    doesnt know how close he was to be right?

  • Patrick Anderson 5 years ago

    Who’s Mhykol??

  • AxelLNo1 5 years ago

    Relaxed doc is out nervous doc is back. :) This nether voice is messed up I
    think. Somehow it needs to be addressed, because it messes with players all
    the time and not in a good way.?

  • Tyler olsen 5 years ago

    At the end when I heard the music I was like Mind games eh blasting loud
    anoying music too disorient your foes AVIDAH how dare you! and than realise
    it was docs outro?

  • Jack Troost 5 years ago

    lol interdimensional sound because anderz was in the nether and heard you

  • Patrick Herbst 5 years ago

    Tense episode! Wow, I am looking forward to the next one. Big showdown? :D ?

  • Ry Keo 5 years ago

    oh man..the ultimate nether troll! that had to be intense :) ?

  • The Hint 5 years ago

    Hey doc, what happened to the weekly review of the latest minecraft
    updates, or have there been no updates since MS took over??

  • deklosjaar 5 years ago

    This is possibly the ugliest thumbnail ive ever seen?

  • FluffyShowdown 5 years ago

    Docm can fluffy get a high from newyork ;) ?

  • docm77 5 years ago

    UHC! We run into a player..oh SNAP! Who is that guy???

  • conan1412 5 years ago

    is it sad that i do a little dance to the intro??

  • xilicks 5 years ago

    I watched avidya’s perspective this is really funny how they can hear each
    other between the dimensions too bad doc didn’t know at the time he was in
    the nether haha?

  • Diamond Schuyler 5 years ago

    so intense but doc play safe ,you can’t take the risk at UHC ?

  • Chill ill 5 years ago

    Idea for the next UHC kinda like this but make it into 3 teams of 6 and one
    two man team the two man team starts together and with armor tho?

  • GerbailMinecraft 5 years ago

    Always makes me happy to see a video ad before watching one of my favorite
    channels. Makes me feel I am helping somehow. :) ?

  • WizardXZD 5 years ago

    Wait.. avidya is in the nether…?

  • SaffyreMoon 5 years ago

    This is brilliant and mumble adds such a great dynamic to the ingame UHC
    trolling each other! I actually like the fact that you didn’t go all
    stealth mode ninja. =D
    It worked for Zisteau and Vechs several UHC scenario’s ago but, knowing
    what we know now, you could have been digging for them for a very long
    time! lol =p
    Equally great is that you didn’t lose your cool and get stressed out, you
    were just so laid back and chill about it all!

    Fantastic episode Doc! =D?

  • TheMinerBossPC 5 years ago

    whats the song that he plays at the end (NOT DARUDE -SANDSTORM its old)?

  • pandafan7515 5 years ago

    But…. Beef’s on Doc’s team… XD?