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How liable is the idea of using the new Minecraft


Minecraft video



  • Master Elf 11 months ago

    Name A Hostile Mob Xisumavoid In Hermitcraft And Get Killed By It Over And Over To Confuse Xisuma XD

  • Jurva-Markus Vehasmaa 11 months ago

    More like protective gate witch no mob can just walk in…

  • Nik Erlandsson 11 months ago

    if this type of farm will be useful or not depend on how hard it will be to obtain those conduits

  • THE GAMER AGENCY 11 months ago

    Iskall is the New Ilmango

  • Notgnihtrow 11 months ago

    i mean for land mobs, a drop tower is better. conduits could make for a really good gaurdian farm though, As you dont need to wait for them to path find out of the water and fall, they just start to instantly take damage. the items would float to the top of the farm so you would have to have flowing water on top some how to push the items to a collection spot

  • ManicPandaz 11 months ago

    I was thinking you cloud use the conduits and water as a way to tag and kill specific mods in a group. No need to separate mobs. Just tag the ones you don’t want and let the conduit do the rest.

  • Alterdrak 11 months ago

    Conduits Work on Guardians?

  • Aether 11 months ago

    “Viable” iskall, “viable.” Not “liable.” =]

  • Rizwan Haider 11 months ago

    This mechanic can be applied for killing mobs when you make a farm in lower sub chunks and don’t have sufficient height to drop them to death..
    Its atleast faster than using magma blocks

    Do drowned take damage from conduit…
    If yes then it possible to make afk natural drowned farm

  • Though liable works as a word, it more implies if it follows a law. Viable would imply that it works in general.

  • Pennywise 11 months ago

    The conduit could kill drowned right?

  • Nasser FireLord Gaming 11 months ago

    Just consult mumbo

  • itarfer 11 months ago

    You mean viable, not liable

  • Zihan Zhu 11 months ago

    /gamerule doWeatherCycle false

  • Даниил Рабинович 11 months ago

    you can have a common side to this cubes(1wide)

  • Marc-André Blais 11 months ago

    does it dmg guardians? it could make an efficient guardian farm

  • Aeonix 11 months ago

    dosent seem useful considering the mobs have too be in water or rain for it do do anything

  • Mr.Greedy 11 months ago

    Can you do a video on it is the oldest anarchy server in minecraft.

  • Oh no my ego 11 months ago

    It could be a trident farm that pushes zombies from a spawner into water and then push them closer to a conduit and die

  • Sariel 11 months ago

    Check cubfans video for a better compressed design… but I think the main use will be mob proofing an underwater bsse…

  • CanGroverComeOver 11 months ago

    maybe surround afk farms with these to protect you from phantoms?

  • Amazing Aakash 11 months ago

    iskall has plastic infection

  • Thilanka DR 11 months ago

    You could detect when mobs are there with trip wire and have dispensers turn on and when they die trip wires de activate and so do the dispensers

  • mattmilladb8 11 months ago

    Rain sensor.

  • Rogue- Like -Rogue 11 months ago

    Wait does the cracks in prismarine turn purple?

  • GMDTmill 11 months ago

    I’ve found out after trying to make my own mob farm that in the chest collecting the drops after about 5 minutes i found 3 nautilus shells, so i think when mobs are killed by conduits they can drop nautilus shells

  • Daniel Sharps 11 months ago

    You could totally build this under a standard zombie spawner to farm drowned, possibly. Or skeleton spawner, and water flow would collect drops for you.

  • TheFireOcean 11 months ago

    wazs friday the thirteenth lol

  • Alley play 11 months ago

    Conduit mod farm can be used under water to farm drowneds

  • streamdungeon 11 months ago

    I believe the only real upside of using conduits in mob farms is spider-proofing (more spawn spaces and speed compared to the classic methods)

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