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  • Jithesh P B 11 months ago

    nether gen was changed in 18w 03b

  • VulpisFoxfire 11 months ago

    So…will Chunkbase still work?

  • VulpisFoxfire 11 months ago

    Xisuma, the flint and steel was *not* losing durability when it wasn’t lighting anything. The only reason it dropped fron 64 to 63 was because you used tit to light the obsidian block before you tried lighting empty air. If you notice, the durability wasn’t going down further when you did that.

  • Jm Culaton 11 months ago

    Just an ask does endermans do teleportation or they are actually running really fast.
    And the achievement called “Free the end” what’s the thing with it. is it endermans is a good entity and the dragon is bad invader.

  • MrOmg82 11 months ago

    YES! Now there are only 2 thing needed: custom potion brewing & NBT via custom crafting.

  • Patrick Keesmaat 11 months ago

    Hey X, just wondering if you knew there is such a thing as Kamikaze creepers (instant exploding), and if you could cover this in a video? I think not many people know this (I just found out myself while building a mob spawner) and is quite interesting mob mechanic for a video. It is a feature (not a bug) described at them mojang bugs list, MC-7900

  • Let's play with Robert 11 months ago

    next on “to do” list, is brewing stand recipes

  • IceMetalPunk 11 months ago

    With all the hype Mojang started about being able to alter world generation with JSON files, Grum is now doing damage control on Reddit and telling everyone that *won’t* be a feature in 1.13 at all. So I don’t know what to believe about it anymore :(

  • Marek Poláček 11 months ago

    Just waiting for first Aquatic features brought to snapshots :D Still no luck :D

  • IceMetalPunk 11 months ago

    Cave air is actually super interesting! It generates naturally in the world wherever a cave is. Basically, the way world gen works is that the world’s shape is generated first (in stone), then a top layer put on (grass, snow, mycelium, etc.), and then caves are “carved out” of the ground after. So now, the generation carves out caves using cave_air instead of normal air. If you go up to a natural cave entrance and fill-replace all cave_air with a solid block, you’ll see it lines up with the surface shape, because that’s where the surface was carved out.

    As for *why* it exists… I don’t know. Maybe Miguel Pasadinhas is right and it’s to control the spawning of Phantoms? But it’s extremely useful for mapmakers or even command users who are modifying their naturally generated worlds. It allows you to know when a player is inside a cave! It took me only 2 commands to use it so that every time you enter a cave, you’re given blindness and poison, making caving harder. It could also be used to spawn special mobs inside caves, etc.

    Void air isn’t a block that generates. It’s used internally as a substitute for a block which doesn’t exist (e.g. if the game asks for a block outside the world or something). Previously, the game just used air for that; I think void_air is just a way to separate the ideas of “an air block that exists” and “a block that doesn’t exist at all”, for better semantics and thus better code.

    But having these new blocks be settable by commands allows for some cool mapmaking tricks. Since they all look and act like air, players won’t notice the difference, but commands can tell them apart; so you can use them to mark off different areas of a map. For instance, someone on Reddit suggested a space-themed End map where bases are filled with cave_air, so if you go outside a base into regular air, you’ll start suffocating. Using air like this means the player won’t see the difference, but you can mark off irregularly-shaped areas of the world to be “suffocation free” rather than relying on regular-sized distance-from-a-center techniques like you’d have to use currently.

  • This is going to be amazing for hermitcraft (especially custom crafting/smelting)

  • Memosz 11 months ago

    Dinnerbone trees!

  • Potato King 11 months ago

    Now se only need a way to add blocks without replacing usual ones And it will be essencialy a mod API

  • Fahlur 11 months ago

    mm cave air… interesting. when spigot gets that ver of minecraft. hope thats a block i can sink into, if the cave is the caves then I can be like hehe oxygen in the area is low >:}

  • Mhmd Tlb 11 months ago

    You didn’t reach 10 minute video ;)

  • Maizuma Games 11 months ago

    Auto Crafting what ?

  • Ryan Mitchell 11 months ago

    Minecraft is becoming less of a game and more of a game _engine_

  • SnopFop - TheSkogemann 11 months ago

    I really like these videos! They are quite interesting. :-)

  • MLNova TV 11 months ago

    Xisuma is like the tester of Snapshots
    and reports to Mojang

  • MLNova TV 11 months ago

    it becomes harder to level up your experience points with each level. so that’s why.

  • Justin Ruiz 11 months ago

    I’m super hyped for this new system!

  • n ziom 11 months ago

    This is just like minecraft pocket edition add-ons

  • Elijah Van Vlack 11 months ago

    Does this mean custom brewing will be the next?

  • Your Worst Meowmare 11 months ago

    With cave air you could use /execute to detect a player in a cave, thats pretty cool huh? :P

  • Fire Charged174 11 months ago

    How r u viewing the .json files?

  • McBean 56545 11 months ago

    Do the far lands generate in this new generator?

  • This thumbnail has an impossible Mushroom Island. 11 months ago

    They also added 4 technical biomes to the End.

  • Near _Void 11 months ago

    _If only someone had a _*_generator_*

  • Airflock343 11 months ago

    Lol the flint and steal didn’t lose durability

  • Jibanyan El Gato 11 months ago

    The Melting Update xd

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