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In the new Minecraft Snapshot 18w08, we found


Minecraft video



  • tyvek05 9 months ago

    game like this change,  it is up to us as players to adapt to the updates. in my opinion the rails update is good.

  • Eliad654 9 months ago

    I find it really funny how everyone is so excited about turtles, and you guys are just messing around with crazy water source blocks, super-technical observer behavior and levers literally ignoring a slime block

  • The Hermithood 9 months ago

    I started an LP in the 18w05a snapshot and waited for some major bugs to appear in the later snapshots to decide which snapshot would be safe to jump to. The villagers not breeding I found a solution for this which is to just cure a couple zombie villagers and they work all the same. Also tearing down the entire village and giving them a 1.6.4 hotel instead will make them breed again.

  • Stalker Bleach 9 months ago

    i thought you could get the snowy grass with a debug stick on normal grass

  • Nick Wils 9 months ago

    I know atleast 5 Redstoners that are gonna have trouble with this update

  • Seegras 9 months ago

    The changed rail system with the instant update probably is a way to transmit redstone signals instantly over huge distances. Probably not something Mojang wants.

  • Mackenzie McClane 9 months ago

    They should just call this update the Buggy update

  • DrakoGamer27 ProPlayer 9 months ago

    How i have the version 1.13? :(

  • JochCool 9 months ago

    Disliked for clickbait. And really, most of this video is just them whining anyways. If you want to report a bug, go to the bug tracker. And show some understanding that they basically redid huge parts of the code.

  • Captain Squid 9 months ago

    Mojang please don’t keep those

  • Darren Shaw 9 months ago

    They’re doing the update this way so that they can guarantee work for themselves for the next year, fixing the update.

  • /X/EN 9 months ago


  • Yalkın ÇIRAK 9 months ago

    İ reported that water physics bug at 18w07c already (with sponge)

  • Yksityinen kanava 9 months ago

    damn, this snapshot is *really* broken…

  • sirociper z 9 months ago

    dope episode, liked the serendipitous twist ending

  • Leonardo Ferreira 9 months ago

    ITS BROKEN because they will move it to a system that you ADD structures ti your own game, like “CREATE” something and make it appear procedurally in game

  • Mango 9 months ago

    ‘Heavily effect gameplay’

  • Exorden 9 months ago

    Use /gamerule doDaylightCycle (and /gamerule doWeatherCycle), that’s when you don’t want to keep changing it to day (and to clear weather when rain comes). You may know it already, but seemed to forget about it.

  • IllidanS4 9 months ago

    Hmm, the rails got me thinking, would it be possible to abuse this behaviour to essentially freeze the game by making rails recursively fix themselves?

  • Miss Communication 9 months ago

    I’ve always thought placing rails should be like placing stairs – you control the direction by facing a certain way. Maybe they could implement a work-around when it comes to rails auto-joining where you can choose not to join the rails by holding down shift or left and right clicking simultaneously.

  • jacobsmash1 9 months ago

    Minecraft story mode foresaw the future o_o. With the super slowness potion.

  • R0SILE tk 9 months ago

    Literally not litchrally

  • Ctrl23 9 months ago

    love getting a 5 minute unskipable ad

  • anxez 9 months ago

    The whole rail “bugs” smack of newly written code that intentionally produces this behavior….

  • Liam Keough 9 months ago

    Easy way to fix these bugs: don’t update your game.

  • kejoki 9 months ago

    Hoppers are fubar in 08b. Anything that overlaps the edge of a hopper will not be sucked in.

  • Protagadox 9 months ago

    “Alright, guys” never get sick of that Doc, love it.

  • RockSolidGorilla 9 months ago

    Villagers work for me

  • Gamer Z Tamer 9 months ago

    the problem with the observers is its bud powering the block the output was facing therefore updating the piston

  • ĶĮŁĽŔ-X / X-ÇŁÅŇ 9 months ago

    That snow block is sooooOoOOOo old man it’s not even close to new. I call clickbate!

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