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Minecraft 1.13 Update Aquatic Videos ►


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  • xisumavoid 10 months ago

    I’m no longer streaming but don’t forget about turtle man!

  • BabySkitties29 & Tntcaty Plays! 10 months ago

    The two things I want Mojang to fix are 1) add back in the tool breaking noise, and 2) fix the fact that grass grows underwater in the snapshots. Other than that, the update is awesome :D

  • Alex zander 10 months ago

    it fucked my houses with fireplaces

  • TolisWorld MC 10 months ago

    Is Hermitcraft updating to 1.13? ( Just so you know, it messes up ALOT of technical Minecraft stuff)

  • Korra 228 10 months ago

    You can’t blake blocks, that is true. You actually can’t blake anything. I think.

  • Agent. ( -_-) 10 months ago

    So no whale or sharks? Or new underwater enemies in general? Not to mention they made it so water doesnt pass through semi blocks anymore, and the drowned is just a zombie reskin(yayyyy….), I was expecting SOME danger to travelling in the deep dark oceans but theyre just gonna leave it bland in the UPDATE AQUATIC? Thats pretty lame.

  • XTheAlpha ShadowX 10 months ago

    Yesss it’s getting closer!

  • Clewl Tetsui 10 months ago

    I feel like the super seed water run is semi-intentional, or rather not disintntinal, specially since you normally only get dolphin’s grace briefly from being near dolphins (while swimming?) anyways, out pf curiosity, does speed 2 make any difference?

  • andrewwhaddad 10 months ago

    No way, the water sprint should stay. It’s legit

  • LandoHitman 10 months ago

    I love the snapshot videos. I can never click them fast enough

  • gudenau 10 months ago

    Can’t wait for Redstone to be usable again. :-P

  • GuyverCraft 10 months ago

    thought you would want to know, no mobs spawn on top of the nether in this snapshot. hopefully its a bug that gets fixed.

  • D Upchurch 10 months ago

    At 2:13 there is a Prodigy reference and I’m soooooo happy about it! Love ya X

  • Matthew Stephen 10 months ago


  • John Oslo Kefir 10 months ago

    Is mcpe desame with the pc version?

    I played in my friend’s and he said its updated.. but it doesnt have phantom, turtles and their drops even item frames on the ground

  • John Oslo Kefir 10 months ago

    When i played survival in the snapshots i got my first three diamonds through treasure hunting cause the diamonds was soo rare… though i was kinda ok of them making it really rare cause its end game stuff

  • DragonKingDrake 10 months ago

    Does this mean you’ll be able to go back the the Overworld in LPMT?

  • DragonKingDrake 10 months ago

    3:52 Who else thought a new portal was added?

  • bloxsclaymation 10 months ago

    BTW, people, you can help out Mojang with their bug fixes by signing an account at so that you can log any bugs you may find whilst you play the snapshots.

  • Coreflake ! 10 months ago

    just release it allready! i stopped playing for the time being since i wanted to start a fresh seed for 1.13. can’t wait!

  • GDswords 10 months ago

    I really hope they optimise the game. This snapshot showed some really poor frame rates and it’s always been a problem.

  • Birdstar 10 months ago

    If you turn down your render distance lag will drop quite a lot :P

  • Crazy Pyro989 10 months ago

    found a bug in 18w20a

    in an ocean of lukewarm water, a player thinking he could make…
    leave the story water doesn’t flow properly

  • Short Man Walking 10 months ago

    Have they fixed the Guardian farm/witch farm non-spawning issue yet?

  • Wafity 10 months ago

    strange bugs…

  • MR. GAMER 10 months ago

    Can u make a tetorial how to make a server like hermitcraft please

  • Andrew Paul 10 months ago

    Just release the update already…

  • Felix Flaus 10 months ago

    Hey X! There is a bug on fire when a player is burning.. there is a purple and black thingy on my screen when im burning..

  • Blue S P 10 months ago

    I need help, so I have been playing MC survival lately and when 1.13 comes out, how would I get the new ocean generation and other natural stuff without creating another world?

  • Miracle Titan 10 months ago


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