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Minecraft 1.14 Village & Pillage Update Videos


Minecraft video



  • Jey'z 6 days ago

    I would love a creeping animation

  • Kai Fireborn 6 days ago

    What if you could actually CLIMB into 1*1 gaps, but you would get bubbles like in water(ventilation in such holes is extremely bad)

  • End Plays 6 days ago

    Abuse iron farm more. Haha nice video X

  • Tomás de Lima Freitas 6 days ago

    We have sounds on th f3 screen but still no way of remotely starting a jukebox?

  • Le Cehlou 6 days ago

    You Can test : We have a reach of 4 blocks !!!

  • rehena pervin 6 days ago

    “Knock knock,who’s there?Not a pilleger because they can’t open doors any more….” at 4:57

  • xDeeKay 6 days ago

    You know what would be better than an “Erase cached data” check mark? Actually fixing the lighting bugs in the game.

  • xDeeKay 6 days ago

    R A V E N G E R B O I S

  • CROFL 6 days ago

    Have they fixed teleporting

  • Tomonor Productions 6 days ago

    You know what’s funny about crawling? I remember using a mod that did exactly that (plus many more awesome animation/stances) on my server back in 2011.

  • R4ZR_Hunter YT 6 days ago

    How do you have a 9900k and just have a 1070

  • SagetheWise 6 days ago

    Honestly, the diving glitch has to be fixed ASAP. It’s just too OP, not to mention it looks ridiculous.

  • Niko Konttila 6 days ago

    Do anyone know when 1.14 come

  • Jack Dog 6 days ago

    The illager is my favourite avenger

  • Russian Terminator 6 days ago

    overclock your dn 9900*k* the k literaly is only there for overclocking smh

  • Luke Blaker 6 days ago

    If I were to create a new world in this pre-release, is it safe to say it would be stable to play with the full release of 1.14?

  • CreamsodaGaming 6 days ago

    Let’s not forget about the arrow of luck it’s not a glitch lmfao might turn into a feature in the future

  • Nick Thek1d 6 days ago

    For ps4 ?

  • AwesomeVindicator 6 days ago

    POI folder is for points of interest, its part of the new structures system, the same thing that makes villages modular and stuff…. i image the next major update will include a whole bunch of random structures spawning…. which should make exploration a LOT more fun.

  • SweetSquad 6 days ago

    So crouching is slower than crawling kinda makes no sense

  • David Blyat 5 days ago

    Wow Xisuma you really have a beast pc

  • Icebound Glaceon 5 days ago

    yuudachi has invaded minecraft 2:53

  • Ebyss 5 days ago

    Guys try the seed “gimme village” its pretty interesting

  • Stonehawk 5 days ago

    being able to trigger ‘swim state’ manully to crawl on the ground instead of requiring the use of some kind of redstone contraption would have been pretty nice… such as, holding shift and ctrl at the same time… so you bend down and then exert yourself to crawl. “swimming” outside of water ergo crawling on the ground, honestly really ought to have you moving at crouch speeds… or slower.

  • Inventivetalent 5 days ago

    Interesting how everyone I’ve seen so far refers to the crawling thing as *swimming* animation, but flying through 1×1 spaces with Elytra has been in the game for a while now.

  • Tussan 150 5 days ago

    i dont like 1.14 anymore, the slabs and stairs are amazing but im like eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh.

  • Kaolin Cash 5 days ago


  • swagman 333 5 days ago

    did anyone notice that at 0:23 the door in that house is half missing

  • MrGamingplan 5 days ago

    Quick question. The textures your using are the new official ones by mojang correct? However, I’m not using a resource pack and my Minecraft is stuck with the old 16 X 16 textures, anyone know of a fix?

  • Ivortex 5 days ago


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