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Minecraft 1.14 Village & Pillage Update Videos


Minecraft video



  • xisumavoid 5 months ago

    You can craft scaffolding with six bamboo and one string. No idea why the game wouldn’t let me grant the recipe to see what it was, assumed it had not been implemented properly. :-)

  • VIBaJ 16 5 months ago

    I first thought it was “edible signs”

  • vinutha bhandary 5 months ago

    I guess the barrel is gonna be like some sort of shulker box type container because in survival if you break it it doesn’t give you items back.

  • Neo & Altay 5 months ago

    why don’t they support villagers as well ? i mean they have to protect themselves and that’s unfair so i think each village should have at least 1 irongolem

  • Thomas Smith 5 months ago


  • Derplisss 5 months ago

    I legit thought the title said edible signs

  • CrazyNinja2667 5 months ago

    The banner should give them buff effects like strength 4 which would be awsome

  • bust the nut in the gut 5 months ago


  • Purple dreemurr 5 months ago

    the scaffolding can be used for an elevator

  • Toco likes pointing out grammar mistakes 5 months ago

    The scaffolding block looks like a great table tbh @anyone who wants to make furniture

  • Dark Thoughts 5 months ago

    So will the light engine generally improve chunk update performance?
    This was a huge headache in modded MC with things like the tinkers workbenches within slightly more complex chunks.
    Because every time you would place a new item in a new slot of the bench it would redraw the chunk and cause a huge lag spike.

  • CON FUSION 5 months ago

    I think we need some kind of a. Fence and a gate on the village that has a watch tower so when there is pillagers on a certain radius from the village the new bell will ring and the villagers will go inside their houses I think that is a good way to defend the villagers it will get even cooler if there was Archer villagers, and battalions

  • nicky pass 5 months ago

    What i want in minecraft
    different village types
    normal video the village with wooden houses with iron golems
    protected village village with walls human guards and different types of golems
    City huge farms walls alot of guards

    better village AI
    if you attack a village that one village will remember who you are and when you come back they will attack
    you can pay them to get friendly with them

    Better gold be able to trade with gold

    better trades trades are worth it

    more random structures
    destroyed villages castles air bases water bases

    more enemies the lack of enemies in minecraft is insane

    more portals add more portals to worlds
    it would be cool if you could make randomly generated realms

    village trading and wars
    one village (most likely a city) will trade with another city
    the more trading the more friendly and powerful both citys get with each other if one city does not trade with one city the other city may attack them

    advanced village stuff
    villagers bring all the stuff they collect to the main building (castle) or building and store it
    and other cities can steal live stock (will decrease relation ships

    Be part of a faction
    different cities are part of different factions factions can be friendly or unfriendly with each other
    you can talk to the leader of a city to join the faction (requests payment)

    i have so many ideas minecraft in my eyes is so easy to mod
    i dont understand why they cant do this quickly
    and the next game will be bad

  • Marco Enrico 5 months ago

    should they add warrior villager..
    poor villager they much hatred now with new mob

  • Lucas Chelcea 5 months ago

    They spawn anywhere not just villages…..
    at keast that is what I am experiencing

  • SquaredSpekz 5 months ago

    So the signs are not editable. Formattable Signs are what they are.

  • scalpingsnake 5 months ago

    That optimisation is amazing

  • ferdinand prado 5 months ago


  • crystalcarrot Youtube 5 months ago

    X i suuuuuuuuuuuuuma……..


  • Pixel the Duck 5 months ago

    The village will need some sort of protection

  • Firemaster 108 5 months ago

    When I read the title, I thought it said edible signs

  • Nate Hammond 5 months ago

    I have no interest in playing minecraft again if I need 8 different blocks to craft/smelt all the items. That actually seems so dumb to me

  • Riki Assies 5 months ago

    alright the cats jumping up on your bed purring has me absolutely sold on this update, never leaving a bed ever.

  • diamondcraft youtube 5 months ago

    And now we will add chalkboards and white chalkboards which is editable and modern signs and we will keep the normal sign

    We will make the normal sign editable with also clicking on it and by clicking. You can still edit it but you can set signs to public but they cannot edit. And public will view

    Also by using creative and survival and Adventure mode. There will be a building tool that let you resize or rotate in 3D but they will help you create anything you want and you can set them to vehicle & normal block & door & train by clicking most function keys and they are
    the vehicle is F6. The normal block is F7. The door is F8. The train with F4.

    How to make the keys work in building? Just select the blocks you want to edit with the building tools and click F6 or F7 or F8 or F4 if you want

    Building tools are called

    1-resize tool
    2-rotate tool

  • Pretisy 5 months ago

    I thought “Editable Signs!” meant that we can eat them.

  • Pturtle 5 months ago

    I think the villagers need some kind of defense I mean they already have to worry about zombies now there’s pillagers

  • Circadianarchist 5 months ago

    Just watched Doc’s video, so they keep spawning during the day because they are part of the hostile mobcap but there are no other hostile mobs. The fact that the Beast stops spawning at some point might mean that the beast is counted together with animals

  • rixterz 5 months ago

    Sleepy kittens! So adorable!

  • Roelof 5 months ago

    Easy lag machine kek

  • MR.FANTASTIC GAMER 5 months ago

    can I get that apk

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