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  • Lazar Stanić Specijalni kanal 5 months ago

    Yay!, new pillager and vindicator!

  • Luke Burris 5 months ago

    Anyone that says scaffolding will be useless is being silly. You will no doubt be able to easily farm bamboo, meaning this is a block that falls that can be farmed instead of manually dug out.

    Further, it acts as an easy elevator you can obtain early on and can build without any knowledge of red stone.

    Even if using dirt scaffolding for pillaring to the side, a quick scaffold up would be immensely helpful if you want to hop down and go back up again later. No more building a staircase.

  • CL4SS1C S3G4 5 months ago

    I think the scaffolding block should cause suffocation to mobs, yet not to the player. Because minecraft works that way.

  • Gnar NA 5 months ago

    Their tables

  • Panda Mino 5 months ago

    I haven’t it on my phone

  • Vincent Oak 5 months ago

    Evokers and jhonnys in patrol next?
    Renewable totem of undying

  • Sergio Pérez 5 months ago

    Snapshot looks noice

  • Nathaniel Dubiel 5 months ago

    Does this mean we will be able to put banners on our heads

  • Ilse Kruit 5 months ago

    How can you copy and past?

  • judumo 5 months ago

    I think it would be AMAZING if the Illager Beast dropped it’s skull. Having a “stuffed beast head” mounted over a fireplace would be so cool… <3

  • Clewl Tetsui 5 months ago

    Illusioners seem more appropriate of a structure than patrols, but I wouldn’t be opposed to them spawning in some way, they should perhaps be made more difficult first however and drop something fairly valuable in any case, on that note, maybe pillagers should be able to repopulate woodland mansions if they happen to stumble upon one, some taking on the roles of evokers some illusioners, some vindicators, not quite sure if it’d make sense, but it would be interesting.

  • The Minecraft King 5 months ago

    I didn’t know there were Illusioner’s in Minecraft!!!!

  • Ross Tuddin 5 months ago

    How would Illigers affect iron golem farms?

  • JMKRAZER 5 months ago

    Hey Cub do you know if they will still raid a village that’s surrounded with fences???

  • Tyler Fisher 5 months ago


  • JMKRAZER 5 months ago

    I think of you have a couple illager banners somewhere in a village it keeps a new raid away.

  • THEGAMER 178 5 months ago

    Villages need more protectors like knights and guards and some archers

  • Randall Gibbs 5 months ago

    The illagers are a minecraft version of the Huns from Mulan. Change my mind.

  • Classified Classified 5 months ago

    I’m not a huge fan of how our character can phase through scaffolding. Just have us climb the sides of them. Don’t make them out of some permeable membrane.

  • GamerDude HD 5 months ago

    Like it? But no more easy survival for you.

  • Sam Cro 5 months ago

    Anybody know if all of this stuff will eventually come to consoles?

  • Moosafar 5 months ago

    What if I make my own village with villigers in it, will the illigers attack them

  • Abcppp Seem 5 months ago

    Wait a patrol means a base there must be a base of the illagers

  • DunnickFayuro 5 months ago

    Now they have to make fireworks work like explosive crossbow bolts. That would be awesome!

  • Mr. Minecraft 5 months ago

    I’m Sooooooo exited that the beast will be released on hermitcraft

  • Could I ask that you make it clear in the title which device(s) this update is for instead of just posting meaningless developer codes and expecting us to know what they mean?

  • C Stew 5 months ago

    The beast should be tameable! U would be tried the snapshot but my crap laptop can’t run it on 2G.

  • crazygame crafter 5 months ago

    use the nbt tags “Patroll:(put “1b” here)”, “PatrolTarget:{X:Y:Z:}”, and “PatrolLeader:(put”1b” here)” to allow the other 2, set target destination, and make other illagers follow the one ur spawning with the nbt tags on them respectively.

  • Rogue Alchemist 5 months ago

    I would LOVE to have the Beast be tameable! That’d be so amazing! Plus having the illagers roam about the village populated biomes is a nice touch. I’d love to see a variety of illagers as well, including the illusionist. ~Sassy~

  • Mr. Shneeblie 5 months ago

    I hope this opens the game up to more randomly occurring “events.” Imagine walking in a plains biome and you find a wandering trader you can trade with, or maybe a horde of mobs

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