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Minecraft 1.14 Village & Pillage Update Videos


Minecraft video



  • xisumavoid 1 week ago

    Check out my new series on this channel, Factorio!

  • Australian Sloth 1 week ago

    6:12 :(

  • infrustration 1 week ago

    /import TangoVillagerMod Minecraft

  • Jennifer Grosky 1 week ago

    The changing profession system could be really helpful when making a trading hall…

  • HCl_氢氯酸_HCl 1 week ago

    5:17 **subtrack**

  • Rico 1 week ago

    they need to change the wandering trader items

  • Bowie te Loo 1 week ago

    I feel like the profession changing could be abused but also could break some stuff

  • Sam Edwardson 1 week ago

    X on the comparator command you showed you wrote mode:subtrack, not into minecraft commands stuff but it should probably be mode:subtract.

  • Simon Parker 1 week ago

    So if villagers can change professions I wonder how that will affect, if at all, villager trading halls. Could you have villagers changing to something you don’t want or could you use this game mechanic to get the villagers you want by getting them to change?

  • AI1 : All In One 1 week ago

    My villagers don’t have the new skins, it’s beta btw

  • trenoles 53 1 week ago

    You could make a librarian farm from other villagers

  • Dachi Gaming 1 week ago

    Who thinks Xisuma is better than Wattles? I think both of them great!

  • Bianca 1 week ago

    why does the villager holding trade items remind me of Alan Becker’s animation?

  • Mers 1 week ago

    I definetely don’t like the changing profession in it’s current implementation, but I think it would be cool to have a way to change a villager profession. I think it would be cool to be able to do it like, zombie villager style and have to go thru an actual process in order to change a profession.

  • tyrannus 1 week ago

    Oh yeah nahui

  • Frederick Thorne 1 week ago

    1.14 is going to be amazing! great snapshot video, X, you make it look easy.

  • Ridwaan Shu'ayb 1 week ago

    Wow.that panda

  • Minecraft SS 1 week ago

    You’re Welcome! :)

  • Felix Flaus 1 week ago

    Does the profession also apply to babies? If yes?? EVERLASTING SUPPLY OF LIBRARIAN FARM!! XD

  • Qwerson 1 week ago

    I don’t know if somebody discovered that before me, but I found an interesting mechanic on these new snapshots. It seems like they “fixed” fireworks. They explode instantly when they collide with blocks sealings, walls etc. Interesting…

  • Andy Dillbeck 1 week ago

    So I know you don’t really cover the bedrock edition much, but apparently there is a new loom tool in the latest beta that makes banner creation super easy.
    Basically just put a blank banner, dye, and an optional banner pattern in, and it lets you pick your pattern by choosing off a menu.

  • United Gamer 1 week ago

    Villagers have a badge and when they level up it chandes

  • Wayne Chuah 1 week ago

    5:40 X watches Panda roll off an edge and into the Void. Amazing Documentary!

  • Green Lemon 1 week ago

    Please do test filled cauldrons NBT.
    I am always so anoyed by water destructing my redstone contraption because I missfilled a cauldron.
    (For people who do wonder:
    You can take comperatoroutputs from cauldrons so the cauldron is the only block wich is not affected by gravity, movable by pistons, not causing buttswitches and giving comperatoroutputs.
    That is really useful in circuits.)

  • Família Euclides Euclides de Souza 1 week ago

    I ONLY want foxes

  • S117 Oracle 1 week ago

    Villagers sleep with eyes open.
    Creep factor +10

  • Galko655e 1 week ago

    This is why the composter exist. To transform normal villager to a farmer.

  • Black3ternity 1 week ago

    Villager behavior looks like Tangos mod.
    Sweet. Hope they fix the performance before releasing 1.14.
    The initial performance of 1.13 was abysmal.

  • Frederik 126 1 week ago

    But Its AWESOME
    Nice video

  • matthew kirkbright 1 week ago

    I’m a massive fan of this, I love watching your minecraft videos, they inspire me to built new things on my map. Keep the good work up bro!!

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