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All The Mods NuclearCraft! We’re making


Minecraft video



  • jo games 5 months ago

    Its called atm going nuclear but why dont they just call it |atom| cause nukes

  • McSenkel 5 months ago


  • Joshua McDonald 5 months ago

    Please turn on the nuclear craft radiation system

  • Human Writes 5 months ago

    You know, I’d like to see the Yogs do a pub quiz on the Jingle Jam. Get some charismatic D-list UK celeb or YouTuber to host. Break into teams like Newbies (Radders, Bouphe etc), Old Fuckers (Lewis, Simon, Sjin etc), Editors (Craig, Tom B. etc), Artists (Harry, Nina etc) and so on. But make all the sets of questions somehow tailored to the various areas of expertise… i.e an Astrophysics category, Chemistry category, Graphic Design category, History category, Film category etc. Ply them all with booze and put a camera and mic on every table. Could be fun.

  • Sovran Soviet 5 months ago

    Actually, nuclear power stations can’t power themselves. According to my RM GCSE classes, nuclear power stations need to burn coal to power the utilities of the power station. This means nuclear isn’t entirely clean and for some reason they can’t power themselves once they get started

  • John Kravich 5 months ago

    Lol Theoretical Physicians

  • Romto 5 months ago

    who’s ranium?

  • Yunus Gunday 5 months ago

    Did you know that there’s more fissile material in a pound of bananas than there is in a pound of Uranium ore!?

    Or wait, is that Thorium?

  • Xzantes 5 months ago

    you can increase the range of the Digital miner so you don’t have to move it

  • Alien_pixels 5 months ago

    0:52 who’s Charlie?

  • OceanNoodles 5 months ago

    Can’t wait for the boom

  • Raldar 5 months ago

    I know they have been doing this for a while now but damn its annoying when they switch to the perspective of someone talking and all they do is run around aimlessly. why not show me one of them failing to build something.. something interesting, instead of for example: sjin running around in a circle. *rant over*

  • atrumluminarium 5 months ago

    Tbh Duncan should just mine all the ores up not just Uranium but anyway

  • joseph ruelas 5 months ago

    that yogpod reference

  • Leif Alley 5 months ago

    love how they don’t realize their hazmat suits aren’t complete… you need rubber boots and some kind of helmet, I don’t remember what it’s called

  • Viktor Gabriel 5 months ago

    so who is going to tell Sjin that Sharks do not lay eggs?

  • Daniel Lethby 5 months ago

    Thorium is nuclear power but it is safe

  • Anthony Rizzitano 5 months ago

    Fission reaction not fission fission is what happens around the suns corrona ;) love the vids you guys already equip with rubber gloves just saves a step for me ;P lolz

  • Psychic Hedgehog 5 months ago

    13:10 anyone else getting DruidZ: Downtown _”THEY’RE EXACTLY THE SAME! THEY’RE THE SAME!”_ vibes off of this?

  • Psychic Hedgehog 5 months ago

    *Duncan,* may I suggest that you put more wire relays across your ceilings so that you can make your cables just travel straight down to your machines, instead of creating a _Mission: Impossible_ laser maze?

  • Curiosity Of Mankind 5 months ago

    They have actually used Thorium in a reactor. Its ready to use however it doesn’t produce plutonium so militaries which fund most reactors don’t want it

  • The Resurrector 5 months ago

    If Duncan stops the digi miner and clicks reset then config he can change the max range on it to mine a massive area

  • Eric Southwell 5 months ago

    Did Duncan set the digital miner to its max area or did he just leave it at the default setting? If he left it at the default setting then thats why it didn’t find to much uranium.

  • Dale White 5 months ago

    12:00 I’m very impressed Duncan

  • I ONLY TAKE Ls 5 months ago

    Sharks definitely dont lay eggs im ngl

  • xX5jobojim5Xx 5 months ago

    Where are the whos ranium jokes :(

  • ProDreamCrusher 5 months ago

    Why is Duncan’s “persona” a scientist and Lewis’ “persona” a spaceman?
    Shouldn’t it be the exact opposite?

  • Zachary Rivera 5 months ago

    1:30 the zipper is on the front

  • guldhans 5 months ago

    @11:57 rip headphone users…

  • James Landess 5 months ago

    Anybody remember Jaws and big Jaws teaming up to take down bigger Jaws

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