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Minecraft video



  • Anthony Jimenez 10 months ago

    How TF didn’t he get tired of Minecraft it’s dead and so is his channel

  • Dawn Tervol-Neumann 10 months ago

    What server is dat

  • Ben Brinkerhoff 10 months ago

    How is CaptainSparklez Pants Doing Today? Good Videos! More Minecraft!

  • Blaziken Bros 10 months ago

    COD WW2!!!!!!!

  • Konomichi Uthou2 10 months ago

    You could use the skeleton spawner to make your mob farm work

  • Alaric Smith 10 months ago


  • Your best bet for any hostile mob spawners is to do a drop onto hoppers. If you want manual farm you can put a sticky piston to close the drop and hit them

  • Jacob Ross 10 months ago

    never have i laughed harder then when jardon spleefed that guy and made him fall forever xD thank you jardon

  • anonymous anonymous 10 months ago

    How come I can’t get into the skybounds server? I am using a new Mac on very good wifi (gtav is handled well) and I am running mc on 1.8 bc the forums said to do so. When I click join it says restart the game or computer and I have done multiple times on multiple days. Can anyone help??? Everytime I have tried, I checked and made sure the servers are 75% full or less.

  • Milo Curran 10 months ago

    jordan,,, ur so adorable wtf?????

  • Andrew Kress 10 months ago

    Definitely just clear out that area in front of the failed attempt at a spawner and put in the skeleton spawner at the top.

  • Jeffry the Owl 10 months ago

    Don’t you just love it when you kill Captain Sparklez

  • Explode vlogs start at nine 10 months ago

    You are the best Youtuber!

  • marksgv 10 months ago

    Haven’t seen that much laughing in a while, it was great and infectious. After a bit of a Halloween delay, nice to get back on a track with watching a really funny episode. I mean, it did start with disappointment with that auction thing. That was such a fun thing last time. But, X33N really loved letting him know, that wisecracker.
    Can Balalty be an ego? That’s a thing that so many others do. lol. It’s just not a very lucky one though, today. Always chasing those wins. Jordan really gets into this, and that carries through. The strats worked with the auction in this, with a certain someone telling everyone about it in global. X33N made out,though, and did well throughout until the death and the dying at the end. Jordan got ahead in the mining world at the end. So close, yet, well, there’s no way to know how far. Still he should get a protein bar as a reward. But, that spleefing thing from the first go round was hilarious. They are still inching forward to being able to take on the higher ranks or the bosses.

  • Lauren YouTube 10 months ago

    how old is x33n?

  • You’re kinda bad in combat, because it is disdurbed by red screen you get when you enter the combat, turn it off in toggles, please.

  • Semirotta 10 months ago

    *I know for a fact that anything CaptainSparklez does will be allowed. No matter how “bannable” it would be.*

  • Smith John 10 months ago

    The spawner doesnt need solid ground, just have all water and then place the spawner

  • FLINT Gaming 10 months ago


  • Liao Hunter 10 months ago

    that moment when your non minecraft videos get 2x more viewers compared to mc vids

  • Gamer Z 10 months ago

    head of the reaper give you extra hearts
    equip it pls

  • cj czki 10 months ago

    Jordan the Acid chest re stocked for you but there was a count down and when you tried to open the chest right away it was b4 the countdown… silly Jordan you could have gotten good stuff!!!!!!!

  • Ian Harward 10 months ago

    At fist glance I saw “Bananable Offense” and not “Bannable Offense” and was like wait what

  • dekoda dillard 10 months ago

    I’ve been telling captainsparklez to break those jack o lanterns for awhile and he just now did

  • Arthur N 10 months ago

    Use the sword that you got from the Warzone, “The Grinder.”

  • SurvivalCrafter 10 months ago


  • Travis Clare 10 months ago

    *takes potion things*
    *doesnt use them*

  • Destructoid 10 months ago

    It restocks the warzone chests once the rain starts, there’s just a slight period before the rain starts for safety and medical reasons

  • Noah Gates 10 months ago

    That was my Assad rain

  • TheFancyMudkip 10 months ago

    the acid rain had a cooldown before it started it restocked over 190 chests

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