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Today we are building structures!!
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Minecraft video



  • PopularMMOs 7 months ago

    Don’t worry guys!! Jen is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lucie Gallagher 7 months ago

    Can u pls do more build battle i love it hahha

  • Matt Booker 7 months ago


  • Amy Benard 7 months ago

    To be honest Jen is doing MUCH better then pat. Sorry pat it’s the truth!

  • konmong lo 7 months ago

    Pat, why ore blocks again!?!?

  • 3 musketeers gaming 7 months ago

    I think her voice is normal

  • Sean Nicholls 7 months ago


  • Mike Taylor 7 months ago

    I love you guys!!!!!!

  • Watermelon Ships 7 months ago


  • MrMarvel385 7 months ago

    U should play more wow. That would be a whole lot better

  • Jyri Williams 7 months ago

    You should ‘ve used obsidian for antennas

  • Sky Bomber 7 months ago

    #pat won

  • ClumsyNut 7 months ago

    Jen do u have like the building touch or something!?!?

  • Christina Gaming1029 7 months ago

    Pat, a good idea is to not use gold, iron, diamonds, emerald, or redstone blocks. They don’t fit well with many things.

  • Ryan Baksh 7 months ago


  • Skylar Delpier 7 months ago

    U should play fortnight

  • Jesus Guerrero 7 months ago

    look up pink thing meme

  • Tennyson Squad 7 months ago

    Why is Jen always the “noob” in the thumbnail? No offense, but she’s better at building than you…

    She uses more than diamond, emerald,gold, and red stone blocks…

  • Tennyson Squad 7 months ago

    Pat was trying to win over votes by saying he loves them…

  • Tennyson Squad 7 months ago

    PopularMMOs please do live streams, so that we can play too!❤️

  • JACK ATTACK 7 months ago

    Play Fortnite! Pat won!

  • Caden Campbell 7 months ago


  • Amin Miah 7 months ago

    more hole in the wall

  • JACK ATTACK 7 months ago

    Roses are red, violets are blue, you should play fortnite, and I love you.

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