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Minecraft video

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  • Daniel Wong 1 year ago

    your a dick
    thats a kid show you arse

  • goodJokerlol 1 year ago

    Ohhhh 0:56

  • Mikayla Buck 1 year ago


  • GhostKnightGaming 1 year ago


  • WhatTheFrige 1 year ago

    keep it up but dont spam :D

  • rainbowdash205 1 year ago

    SSundeeVenom XD

  • JesseHasGotGaming 1 year ago

    Its eclipse

  • MJ Reyes 1 year ago

    TrueMU what happened I’m kind of noticing you in your videos being kind of a show off or being what a Minecraft YouTuber said being cocky… I hope you turn back like before…

  • Louie Santiago 1 year ago

    I want TO minecraft to be free :(

  • CreditBlocker 1 year ago

    you must be new, it is eclipse

  • Sean Mcerlean 1 year ago


  • marisa lino 1 year ago

    Omg what a mes!!!

  • McVader10 1 year ago

    hello every one, my name is Vader and i just started a minecraft channel! i am not asking you to subscribe to me, but since its very difficult to be noticed on youtube today, i just want you guys to check out my channel and maybe share my videos. thank you for your time guys! Have a nice day.

  • 794613825a 1 year ago

    It’s at 1.6.1 now…

  • ByFrexL 1 year ago

    hobo alert

  • RainbowAblazeFilms 1 year ago

    Please do a mini series

  • FireFreezeLJ 1 year ago

    But no ome actually build their thing.

  • davidleebk 1 year ago


  • CrazyGirlyDaizy 1 year ago

    Lol you guys do know who honeydew is right?? Yogscast?? No?? xD

  • Elliot Sonesson 1 year ago

    Whats the name of the outrotlig song?

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