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Minecraft video



  • Mumbo Jumbo 1 year ago

    It’s in 360p because YouTube is taking forever to process this slightly longer video!
    It will be full HD super crispy soon!

  • Mathew Dichosa 1 year ago

    Do more build swap with grian

  • Dimas Dzaky Erlandy 1 year ago


  • Marcus Jackson 1 year ago

    First sriracha is hot sause and the “flametrower” looks like a Bic Barbeque ligher

  • Steadless 1 year ago


  • Markus Mark 1 year ago

    Mumbo: (in Minecraft) What does a cake looks like in Minecraft?
    Also Mumbo: *Starts up google*

  • Tye Dacey 1 year ago

    7:00 thought he was talking about Faze banks for a second XD

  • Small Hero 1 year ago

    i lived in philipines

  • Small Hero 1 year ago

    i live in philippines i speak tagalog ayos ang video mo

  • mr. mechanic 1 year ago

    The flame thrower thing kinda looks like a turret gun

  • TristanTAC_ 097 1 year ago

    I am From ths Phillipines!! Mumbo where does ur girlfriend live? I am from Cebu city, Visayas, Phillipines!! Well if its a School day just stop by our School! – University of San Crlos North Campus, Tell them ur here to meet someone named, Tristan Joshuel Villegas, and He’s From 5-Wisdom (Refering to Me) Anyway if u stop by There are some fans that would like to meet U!!

  • Nicolas Gutierrez 1 year ago

    No ketchup

  • Lukrata 1 year ago

    Third Build: A not so fancy lighter

  • Markus Mik 1 year ago

    Mumbo’s got the souce, no ketchup just sauce, raw sauce

  • Coolboy2488 // CB2488 1 year ago

    omg im from Philippines

  • MinaTGB 1 year ago

    Mumbo vs Grain..Epic

  • st3in _ 1 year ago


  • Magix gaming 1 year ago

    it looks like a bioshock big daddy drill

  • Pokemon Hacker 1 year ago

    It looks like a sword that throws fire…?! I guess…

  • FruitLoops Lunar 1 year ago

    I think Mumbo’s flame thrower looks kinda like a leaf blower

  • FruitLoops Lunar 1 year ago

    Hey mumbo

  • FruitLoops Lunar 1 year ago

    Are you British or American, mumbo

  • DeadlyRadiant Gaming 1 year ago

    It Looks Abit Like A Potato Cannon!

  • Nurul Winanda 1 year ago

    “Bali is my country” is the new “London is my city” u’r welcome.

  • Marc Emanuel G Paican 1 year ago

    mumbo is good at redstone grian is good at building
    me is good at dieng and dont know how to buikd

  • Aaditya yadav 1 year ago

    A light saver. That’s what it looks like

  • Mr Gamer tips 1 year ago

    Hey when you go to Philippines meet MIKEY BUSTOS

  • charliezITW 1 year ago

    grian w’ere twins cause i also broke my arm!

  • Ulalume Nakajima 1 year ago

    A Drill like one of the big ones.

  • Your Everyday Gamer 1 year ago

    You play TF2??? I love that game :D

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