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WE DID THE IMPOSSIBRU!!! How to capture an Ender dragon! Join the Vox Force! â–? Subscribe: â–? Twitter: â–? Facebook:…


Minecraft video

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  • Sir Shtoobs 5 years ago

    So I already knew that Ridge was the most powerful person on the server.
    And he also had the capsule thing which is the most destructive thing in
    the mod pack. But when I saw the Hole Diggers laser mining thing I thought
    “this is impressive… Maybe they’re catching up a bit”.

    Now Ridge has successfully brought an Ender Dragon to the overworld. :| ?

  • The REMIX 5 years ago

    Weaponize this, get anything you want. Take it to the enemy bas, if they
    kill you, there base is dead. If they dont you can slowly eat there base
    with him as a torture tecnike?

  • KICKnASS2011 5 years ago

    Wait, If the chunk gets unloaded doesn’t that mean the activator will stop

  • hojokono 5 years ago

    oh crap that’s why u said on minecraft Mondays the series was ending

  • ladymulti 5 years ago

    AHH~ that livestream (that never happened). ;) ?

  • Willow Wisp 5 years ago

    Well that’s one way to keep people away from your base. They’ll be too
    freaked out.?

  • Assozat 5 years ago

    Fools! Do you realise Vhat you have done? Now Kim can steal it and kill
    Hatfilms… Hold on, thats a good thing! YAY!?

  • Dovah Bear 5 years ago

    its so funny how ridgedog stated on his series that this is too dangerous
    to try ?

  • Qwerttdelta 5 years ago

    well they just one upped anyone else on the server when it comes to

  • Autumn Schaeffer 5 years ago

    I don’t understand why people don’t ship this as much as they should. It’s
    can either be absolutely awkward/adorable, or awkward/Oh~.?

  • BebopVoxGaming 5 years ago

    *New **#Minecraft** Modded Madness!*

    How to capture an Ender dragon!?

  • Sgt Viper 5 years ago

    So a subscriber on Twitch is someone who donates money right? ?

  • gwonbusH 5 years ago

    I seem to recall ridge deciding against having an Ender Dragon pet because
    it was too risky.?

  • superflame107 5 years ago

    Good now use the same portal and put him into a mystcraft world then put
    the book on display ?

  • cammo353 5 years ago

    Name it Dave?

  • TheStormingmonkey 5 years ago

    can any one say red matter :L?

  • Joejoe Joebob 5 years ago

    RIDGE! You said you would never capture a ender dragon and bring it to the
    overworld! YOU MADMAN!?

  • Shadewaltz 5 years ago

    It’s hardly accurate to consider it “impossible” when Ridge has done it

  • TrevorSpace 5 years ago

    Nothing can go wrong when you put a dragon in your base!?

  • TheViolatorinator 5 years ago

    just unleash enderdragons all over?