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Tomorrow the ADVENTurers have a friend coming to see them in Tinsel Town so they have to get some plans together to show them a good time. Time to visit the market!! Toby’s channel –


Minecraft video



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  • April Rose 5 years ago

    My Christmas wish is for you all to give Toby a high five: he may not be
    good looking or smart or funny or interesting or smell very well. But it’s
    Christmas and even the socially inept need to know they are loved.( If he
    makes it awkward just high five his face) Merry Christmas guys! *He truly
    is a good sport about it*?

  • Patrick McSweeney 5 years ago

    At 5:29 theres a typo lol. Feast.c?

  • JeroenGamingNL 5 years ago

    The cape is actually a pixelated version of a scroll from Scrolls.?

  • Hannah L 5 years ago

    i wish for Toby to come out of his closet ;) ?

  • YOGSCAST Martyn 5 years ago

    NEW VIDEO! Minecraft Christmas ADVENTure 3 – Starblocks Coffee (Day 16)?

  • lanny lego 5 years ago

    My wish is that I raise as much money as possible at the marathon that I am
    doing to raise money for premature babies ( I was a premature survivor and
    lucky to be alive … 1 in 10 to survive actually :) ) ?

  • Outrageous250 5 years ago

    My christmas wish is for Chicken Montoya and his Mafia to join with the

  • Michelle Caez 5 years ago

    My Christmas wish is to tell my crush I love her to the stars and back

    Aidan Caez?

  • Imsuperman 123 5 years ago

    My son died and he used to watch your channel and watch the Christmas
    adventure ever year and his only wish was for this series to continue for
    as long as possible :’(
    If you could put this wish under the Christmas tree he will be very
    greatful l and so would I :’)?

  • Logan Nugent 5 years ago

    Fort the last 8 days of the Christmas ADVENTure I think I might do some
    quizzes, I hope this cheers up not only me, but everybody who has been
    having rough times lately.
    So on to quiz No.1!
    What Christmas Character would you like to meet?
    1. Santa (Obviously)
    2. The Grinch No.1 (Before he learned the meaning of Christmas)
    3. The Grinch No.2 (After he learned the meaning of Christmas)
    4. Jack Frost No.1 (In “The Rise of the Guardians”)
    5. Jack Frost No.2 (The one from the movie Santa VS. Jack Frost)
    6. Christmas Spirit (Had to throw that in xD)
    7. Father Christmas (The Narnia The Lion, The Witch, The Wardrobe, version
    and another name for Santa)
    8. Jack Skellington (Hey he counts!)
    9.Harry the Burglar (I don’t know how much of you will choose him..)
    Two more!
    10.Ebeneezer Scrooge (Either before or after the Ghosts came and visited
    11. The final and probably one of the funniest (I know that’s not what this
    is lol) Is… Buddy the Elf!
    Now tell me which one you would want to meet, I hope you all have a merry
    Christmas and Happy new year!?

  • Thomas Hutchison 5 years ago

    hey martyn! hopefully u will see this! tommrow is my birthday and my
    chirstmas wish is for u to say hapy b day to me!?

  • Luke Glennon 5 years ago

    For christmas this year I wish I could get off my crutches?

  • midlifecrisi hates Google + 5 years ago

    What’re the odds that on day 24, they’re going to have an epic boss battle
    vs. the chicken mafia??

  • Xemnas I 5 years ago

    My wish is for martyn and Toby would friend me on steam please (username
    XemnasThe1st) please :3?

  • Parker Dawson 5 years ago

    Actually never Mind I want to be a ducktator I love Toby?

  • Chloe Green 5 years ago

    I wish that everybody who has a present for Christmas too give one of their
    presents too someone who dosent have a present this year ?

  • Benjamin Lukin 5 years ago

    My christmas wish is for my dog to stay on my side forever.?

  • Colin Crompton 5 years ago

    You know I kind of feel that all the hate on Toby is getting out of hand…?

  • Chicken Montya 5 years ago

    Hello. My name is Chicken Montoya. You killed my family. Prepare to die.

    My wish is I get revenge for my family?

  • clankFilmstudios 5 years ago

    So, this is not recorded on the 16th? The capes was for Thursday and Friday
    last week.?