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  • AdamNyk 6 days ago

    If you jump into the pit, you will get resistance and not die

  • Raw Toast 6 days ago

    Now that you found a second oasis you can make an intimate water source

  • Dracal Dragon 6 days ago

    Jordan you’re a dork. You have fence posts in the windows in the village.

  • Max Olsen 6 days ago

    Why haven’t you started deconstructing the plane and building your own house?

  • Theon 6 days ago

    water hydrates 4 blocks in any given direction, so you can make a 9×9 array of dirt around 1 block of water in the centre

  • Daniel Ward 6 days ago

    He is aware he could get the sapplings from tge palm tree right?

  • kira casella 6 days ago

    Make a pond, go fishing

  • Acidspitting Emu 6 days ago

    You actually should jump in the hole. You won’t die, I swear.

  • Jackson Cohen 6 days ago

    7:07 *clears throat*

  • Jackson Cohen 6 days ago

    11:36 thank you

  • Eric Hutchings 6 days ago

    Jordan it’s not a iron block it’s a block of iron

  • Kinryko 6 days ago

    If you find lava you could make a cobble stone generator

  • MorganFreemanSmellsYou 6 days ago

    R.I.P the “diamond blocks” were sea lanterns, i play with this resource pack so i knew as soon as he walked up to the entrance what they were

  • Cosmic Sheep 6 days ago

    I see what you did there, with that ending song. Nice.

  • LittleShadowGames 6 days ago

    10:15 Reminds me of Skyblock, when Sham ate the melon.

  • ExplorationOfAdhd 6 days ago

    Eggs have a 1in32 chance in hatching a chicken and 1in8 on baby chicken.

  • Alexander G. 6 days ago

    When you’re not carrying water, you could use the bucket for milk when you’re eating rotten flesh.

  • Llama Man 6 days ago

    Jardon Petra was also the monument used in Indianian Jones and the last crusades climax, which if i remember had an identical pit of which your supposed to walk across an invisible bridge.

  • DeadMan_78 6 days ago

    9 by 9 square with a water in the center is the optimal farm, because water will effect farm land up to 4 blocks from it

  • Creeperer102 6 days ago

    Hey CaptainSparklez i have the map also and i didn’t put the texture pack and also i kinda copied the same map a couple of times to test and see…..and the iron blocks that was in the cockpit….was not the only iron blocks….their are five iron blocks in each jet engine…i believe….just helping you out

  • Claire L 6 days ago

    “That’s efficient, that’s optimized” he says in response to his dirt placement….. source blocks can keep 4 block radius of dirt wet jardon. U fool. *facepalms*

  • Fishie Fish 6 days ago

    I can’t believe he didn’t get the Indiana Jones reference. Smh

  • Suave - 6 days ago

    Anyone interested in joining a survival server I can send you the IP, recording is not necessary but you must be active:)

  • Joshua Gao 6 days ago

    Use the beetroot seeds to breed chickens!

  • Korra 228 6 days ago


  • Silver Moon36 6 days ago

    a 5×5 area is covered by a single block of water for farming if you put the water in the middle!

  • Emily Bonnell 6 days ago

    U should make the vids longer ?!

  • TrinityGamer 6 days ago

    jordan, chicken eggs only hatch when either hitting grass/dirt or chickens. (and their most likely to hatch when hitting a chicken)

  • Ricky Falcon 6 days ago

    Who thinks jardon should play the hexxit updated mod pack next? The nostalgia would be real

  • IHeartDogs513 6 days ago

    5:33 Did he say weed?

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