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Minecraft Daycare – TINA IS BACK !? (Minecraft


Minecraft video



  • BatSwagDrugMobile Swag 1 year ago

    I think I saw UnicornMans’ ghost at the far left at 16:02 its a scary pic lol, he just gives u a death stare with his white eyes

  • Bryan Rivera 1 year ago

    What was the pink thing in Tinas room under her desk

  • THE NEW GAMER 1 year ago


  • Enderlord 236 1 year ago

    Weres sabre

  • Jeremiah Velasquez 1 year ago

    Maybe you can make a decision to make a video were Tina’s mom comes to the daycare

  • cool kat 1 year ago

    Was this setting in 1952? Becauss that daycare couldnot have cost 18.00 dollars……

  • ray mad 1 year ago

    bring back saber and shark

  • MusicMew 1 year ago


  • MusicMew 1 year ago

    Lol the memba berries

  • Lucas Veliz 1 year ago

    Surprise tina

  • Lucas Veliz 1 year ago

    Tina don’t leave tony because he’s cool

  • Venice Cleofe 1 year ago

    Ryan could you make a vid of a draw of my life Minecraft movie

  • Blackabyss390 , 1 year ago

    When is thomas and director coming back

  • Kyamarie McLeod 1 year ago

    If this daycare is worth $18.00 how much was the old one worth?

  • Cameron Hilbert 1 year ago

    Wait isn’t 18 with two 0s 1800 dollars

  • Kalani Lagrimas 1 year ago

    Where is Sabre?! And I like the new daycare!!

  • RitoraMCPE /schleich girl 1 year ago

    Unicorn man and goldys sick sense of humor:
    We obducted the kids!
    We sold the kids!
    No no, we ate the kids!

  • nightlight 11 1 year ago

    The memberries

  • Maria Soltero 1 year ago

    You at the best Ryan jk the daycare is

  • Maria Soltero 1 year ago

    And Tina

  • Alenny Cadag 1 year ago

    When weebs get a body pillow 15:38

  • MDSeaCat 1 year ago

    The extra room should be for Cassie!!

  • T7 Angel 1 year ago


  • Amelia Kennedy 1 year ago

    I love this daycare so much and the empty room should be The cows room sorry don’t know how to spell her name.

  • IDAHO442 Alexander 1 year ago

    Where is the slingshot squad base

  • Caitlin Ornelas 1 year ago

    HEARTEU! ❤️❤️KPop Reference btw

  • The Canyon Gamer - 1 year ago

    Where is Sabre, I mean chicken face

  • Jodie S 1 year ago

    Make More vids with this daycare it’s AWSOME

  • Broncosman 58 1 year ago

    At 11:29. It’s the Great Wall of Cookies

  • koen meijer 1 year ago

    New daycare is a 9.9999999/10 i miss a love room for Ryan and tina

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