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Minecraft Daycare – TINA’S NEW YEAR !? (Minecraft


Minecraft video



  • Cora Rose 1 year ago

    Chicken face is the same exact person as Sabre and saber that you known chicken face and Sabre it’s a same exact person because they got the same exact name and he got the channel called saver and the other channels saver so what do you think that is the same as I ever

  • alex or lincon loud 1 year ago

    RYAN people kill them selves for there night and depression so is no a laghfing matter !

  • alex or lincon loud 1 year ago


  • RhmanJeezDamn LOL 1 year ago

    Ryan pls stop guarding tina be more friendly to unicorn and goldy, ik this is roleplay but pls be more friendly to goldy and unicorn

  • LegendBeastGamer YT 1 year ago

    For all those comments saying “stop being so mean to goldy” it’s just part of a script irl they’re great friends I can prove it by a proper idiot video who does Ryan like? And they said who would you kick from the crew? Goldy, Derp, or Tina, and instead he decided to eat the nasty food instead of kicking somebody so u should watch the videos before commenting those things

  • Gabriel Pitts 1 year ago

    Where’s chicke Gizzard (Sabre)

  • colton canady 1 year ago

    Hey someone named midnight violet is takeoff your idea

  • Jason Nguyen 1 year ago

    Underwatch? It’s over watch

  • Krystina Aitken 1 year ago


  • Benjamin Cross 1 year ago

    do a live fan v daycare super smash mobs

  • Taurtis Mcpe 1 year ago


  • Taurtis Mcpe 1 year ago

    over watch is under watch

  • Just Mya 1 year ago

    Goldy was about to say Aphmau

  • Rusher 1 year ago

    happy 2018

  • Wolf Gaming 1 year ago

    For the next vid they should go through the teleporter again and then appear at the alien ship from season one again and then everyone’s memory of Saber should return…. like if you agree

  • Nick Nalley 1 year ago

    It’s over watch

  • IndogoWhisper 82 1 year ago


  • sherly bong 1 year ago


  • #mlg gamer nampemba 1 year ago

    Tina just chill don,t be stressed

  • Andrew laPradd 1 year ago

    Happpy new year Ryan Tina unicorn goldy

  • suada hh 1 year ago

    Happy new year everyone and Ryan!!

  • sydfrancis moreno 1 year ago

    make some more daycare vids please beacuse i joind the roleplay

  • Davina Gyamfi 1 year ago

    Happy New Year Ryan

  • the_gaming _kid 1 year ago

    YAS overwatch refrence

  • Alex Gherobrine 1 year ago

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sandwich. Sandy witch?

  • DNA Creator 1 year ago

    Bring Matt Back Plz Like If You Want Matt Back

  • Nicolai Carlsen 1 year ago


  • Shamili Kochervu 1 year ago

    This is Ryan: Why can’t we be friends? Why can’t we be friends?

  • Hot Wheels by Heaven 1 year ago

    Was the girl goldy or someone else?

  • Dalton Pleasant 1 year ago

    With super jump

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