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Minecraft in Real Life ROLLER COASTER


Minecraft video



  • Antonio Garcia 1 week ago


  • Antonio Garcia 1 week ago


  • Antonio Garcia 1 week ago

    Somebody touched my spaghetti

  • Rafael Striddels 1 week ago

    I love u

  • LUIGI mems 1 week ago

    That is a pig at 7:56 wow

  • Alan Calvillo 1 week ago

    Real mature.

  • JoshyGoku 1 week ago

    Dang remember when this channel was part of our childhoods

  • GamingBonnie 1 week ago

    I’m an og and I miss their old content now they do MineCraft vs Real Life

  • YodanKage Overwhatch 1 week ago


  • YodanKage Overwhatch 1 week ago

    7:57 pig kkkk

  • Mr. angryfox 1 week ago

    Ich bin French!!!!

  • Phoomwish Promthong 1 week ago

    Very Cooll

  • 기리보이NO:EL 1 week ago


  • FAZA NADHIF 1 week ago

    00:28 what song?

  • Thao Vu 1 week ago

    No o

  • Real_Lil_ Julian 1 week ago

    7:13 oh shit Cory’s mom

  • hai tuong duy hai 1 week ago

    Việt Nam đâu điểm danh

  • Meme Boi Pizza 1 week ago

    The thumb nail is click bait, that suit of armor Is light blue dyed leather. 1/5 stars

  • Charles Jefferson Dargo 1 week ago


  • Hanan Aljaber 1 week ago

    you you you bring this series back why

  • bedirhan metehan ve hiranur dinç ailesi 1 week ago

    good chest

  • Mikays ! 1 week ago

    Easy to say you sold out. I would’ve too, if i had a bunch of views on my Minecraft videos and i got burned out playing the game

  • Heav Chanry 1 week ago

    So cool

  • Iancu Marian 1 week ago


  • Iancu Marian 1 week ago

    Or ITS not real…

  • Justin steffen and friends 1 week ago

    You have make error

  • Thylo YT 1 week ago

    When a pig eats is own kind

  • U Maya 1 week ago


  • All Bert 1 week ago

    What the different minecraft and real life

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