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Minecraft adventure map fun! Simon and I finish up the arena challenge by battling through mobs and collecting the precious diamond rewards. What do you think of Diversity 2 so far? Let us…


Minecraft video

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  • ambahthepanda 5 years ago

    “I need you” c’mon, now, Lewis – don’t make me ship you two..?

  • Mathieu Brouwers 5 years ago

    The reason why the zombies weren’t spawning was because of the time, they
    will only spawn at night.

    What you should have done (to make it really easy)
    – buy the beacon and get the strenght buff.
    – farm spiders for diamonds
    – prepare yourself with diamond blocks?

  • Keegan Boldt 5 years ago

    Oh No! The zombie cage isn’t working.

    The next day…..

    Goes into creative mode…..

    Gets TNT……

    Blows Up Zombie Cage…..

    Simon comes back…..

    I fixed it Simon!?

  • XGaming 5 years ago

    I don’t think they realize that they can just throw the diamond block into
    the hopper using q.?

  • Harvey Leggett 5 years ago

    Simon is like the Lenny
    Lewis is like the George

    Yogscast everybody. ?

  • SniperMC 5 years ago

    I make minecraft videos too and I would appreciate if you guys would check
    them out!?

  • TheYahwehWizard | Zombie Gaming 5 years ago

    18:08 Michael McIntyre??

  • Torsten Landsson 5 years ago

    Captainsparklez got punch 1 with 30 levels xD?

  • HawianCheeseball 5 years ago

    Well. This is Neo enough to a good video…?

  • Is Shady 5 years ago

    1.Mark the numbers
    2.Press CTRL+F
    3.Press 9
    4.Read the Message?

  • HydroKinesis 5 years ago

    I kited a 3 zombies for a sword, killed the rest and got diamond armor, (24
    zombies) and then farmed the living crap out of silverfish(With full
    diamond armor silverfish do near to no damage to you.)From then on I bought
    everything and killed everything without death.?

  • Luke Bishop 5 years ago

    Lewis is a shit

  • Tom Pulcinella 5 years ago

    why do they call silverfish “jeff?”?

  • Flor Perez 5 years ago

    Guys what happened to yoglabs I missed it?

  • melkorsheir 5 years ago

    I once opened a mini-Jaffa Cake packet that only had 1 inside…?

  • Culpepper Dyal 5 years ago

    FYI: You can drop items into hopper so u don’t have to open the GUI?

  • JustinXxCOOL 5 years ago

    uhm… i got a question, what texture pack is that?
    Also, are those 3-D effects on the ladder, door, bookshelf, and iron bars
    part of the texture pack?
    cuz they look pretty cool?

  • catkid133 5 years ago

    Are you kidding me simon? U decided to pick up the diamonds and lose them
    but you knew you were gonna die. Wtf is wrong with you??

  • Jayden Morris 5 years ago

    Where’s the good old yogscast moonquest and yogsquest they were so good
    this is abit to over board?

  • TheWolfyGrace 5 years ago

    18:16 No, you weren’t hit, you just didn’t jump. A guardian wasn’t near you
    and I’m pretty sure they don’t do ranged attacks…
    At least, I don’t know if they do ranged attacks. I have no clue what the
    hell a guardian is, to be honest.?