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Also we’ve got conduits, iceberg biomes, and some


Minecraft video



  • Michiel Fransen 1 week ago

    What is the seed for the cold ocean?

  • ki11er fox 1 week ago

    You can’t ride them.

    I’m disappointed

  • Chris26281 1 week ago

    I’m disappointed you didn’t mention Land Shark when showing off the dolphins…

  • RDrakewind 1 week ago

    I don’t think he put 2 and 2 together. There are boat wrecks in a glacier area and the one item is called the Heart of the Sea. Sounds like a Titanic reference. Maybe those wrecks in the future will contain them sometimes.

  • Sungmin Kim 1 week ago

    Land shark.

  • zSkyWxrs • Minecraft 1 week ago

    Hallo ich bringe ähnlichen content, würde mich freuen wenn ihr n Abo da lasst

  • strait Relic2nd 1 week ago

    cool vid

  • Digital Death 1 week ago

    “You can’t ride them” Time to riot!

  • The Sith lord Jar Jar Binks 1 week ago

    Subnautica, you have not uploaded on the second channel in a while

  • Famous Tem the Tem 1 week ago

    Dolphins rape each other just like humans

  • Sagefrmlakewood 1 week ago

    When does the update drop ???????

  • Snewo Productions 1 week ago

    You are a really cool guy :)

  • Chase Birzer 1 week ago

    When does this come out?

  • ETHAN FITCH 1 week ago

    you can swim through one block holes now too

  • SuperSand 1 week ago

    Icebergs? That explains the shipwrecks

  • The Fluffy Mountain Wolf 1 week ago


  • tomatoflight 1 week ago

    They better add sailboats

  • UnNotchslayer1 Games 1 week ago


  • givemedepussie pliss 1 week ago

    A feature should be you accidentally killing the dolphins by hitting them with your boat.

  • DJ's Mix 1 week ago

    Now we need Narwhals in the cold ocean. NARWHALS NARWHALS SWIMMING IN THE OCEAN…

  • Traffic Cone Camel 1 week ago

    Think they kinda jumped the gun with the whole conduit thing

  • Sparrow 1 week ago

    eventually we’ll have all the animals from the Mo creatures mod, and hopefully working pirate ships and krakens/whales.

  • MACKS 1 week ago

    I feel bad for that circle Dolphin
    Natural Selection got to him before we could.

  • TheWileyCyote #1 1 week ago

    I wanna know is this a mod or in vanila

  • Writing Cunt 1 week ago

    They should make like a really, really deep ocean biome that reaches down super far, where it turns darker and spookier and you never really see the bottom

  • Noah Wattel 1 week ago

    Yeah it’s pretty Cool

  • Stijn Arnould 1 week ago

    they should ad pinguins on the ice spikes

  • Richard Nightcore 6 days ago

    now we still need the moon :D

  • Raven Reno 6 days ago

    They should have penguins in Minecraft

  • Dracologist 6 days ago

    wonder where you’ll get the heart of the sea item o.o

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