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The Challenge Games begin and we must destroy


Minecraft video



  • Al Burax 7 months ago


  • Chase Olson 7 months ago

    That is when I was sick you helped me through it

  • Maya TL 7 months ago

    This is hilarious and I absolutely love Pat’s laugh. Best thing ever.

  • Karev Bautista 7 months ago

    Pat it sed jen

  • JTD55 7 months ago

    guys fast foreward it to 2 at 19:42

  • 3van Ma5t3r 7 months ago

    More please

  • 3van Ma5t3r 7 months ago

    Do a troll game

  • cool man dan 7 months ago

    You forgot the death trap

  • cool man dan 7 months ago

    Oops pat got the death trap

  • EisenPlayz 7 months ago

    Pat misscount

  • shantay peters 7 months ago

    Pats luck gave me solgaleo in a wonder trade in pokemon ultra moon

  • shantay peters 7 months ago

    Thankyou for being the best YouTubers You make me the happiest and luckiest person in the world

  • NoahDABOM_YT 7 months ago

    please do more tech guns

  • Romeo Giovengo63 7 months ago

    She’s blind

  • Romeo Giovengo63 7 months ago

    That’s how she got bad eyesight

  • The black Person 7 months ago

    Sub to my channel

  • The black Person 7 months ago

    I. Love ❤️ you I’ve watched you since I was 4 and I’m now 12

  • emily faith 7 months ago


  • Saraa! 7 months ago

    I want Pat to bring crafting dead back!

  • Jrpcrusher :3 7 months ago

    The multiplication games

  • Aino Jaakkola 7 months ago

    Did you notice that when Jen died the last time then it said ”supergirlygamer was blown up by skeleton”

  • Jason Berge 7 months ago

    Jen need to get glasses

  • Ahmet Abazi 7 months ago

    Wow your math skills are good…

  • SemtexCrazyCz 7 months ago

    5:55 “Im gonna eat all this iron” Oh….

  • Tuton Saha 7 months ago

    i love to hear pat laughing XD

  • Henry Vesson 7 months ago

    this is so gonna be an animation

  • Kai Otaki 7 months ago

    Ummmm 19:43

  • Kitty GamerXD 7 months ago

    Pat: Why do you can fly? do you drink a lucky potion?
    Pat:then wut?
    Jen: Oh i remember now! I drink an luccky potion!! LOL

  • Brycen Stewart 7 months ago

    Someone make animation of eluquint elaphent, like if you agree

  • kyle David 7 months ago

    Play fortnite battle royale it is really fun you and Jen can play on Duos or you can just play solo

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