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Modded Minecraft continues! While exploring the Pirate cove, Nilesy gets caught in crossfire while Hannah’s owls continue to baffle her! â–? Previous Episode!: https://

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  • Bare Viibes 5 years ago

    luggage is so shit?

  • capital gamer 5 years ago

    full inventey of clip boads =9X inventey room?

  • YOGSCAST Nilesy 5 years ago

    While exploring the Pirate cove, Nilesy gets caught in crossfire while
    Hannah’s owls continue to baffle her!?

  • James Davenport 5 years ago

    One of the mod makers needs to learn how to add music for when you’re
    fighting a enemy. Like Chocolate Quest could use a pirate melody whenever
    you’re fighting pirates. Like a chiptune version of Pirates of the

  • Game Explorer 5 years ago

    can i get name of server or something??

  • Sam Butcher 5 years ago

    Do not use the staff. It will take you to the promised lag.?

  • Bert The Derp 5 years ago

    Hey Nilesy! FTL please!?

  • Damien Helvian 5 years ago

    Hannah, all ya needa do, is have Luggage get struck by lightning, and it’ll
    double how much he can hold. Duncan kind of cheated it by using the
    creation of a Twilight Portal to summon lightning. But you can probably use
    Witchery somehow?

  • EWRPVM 5 years ago

    Am I the only one who REALLY hates those owls? The noises they make are so
    annoying, they always disappear, they’re just useless in general.?

  • Jonny Coxon 5 years ago

    5th! Love your vids guys!?

  • Dr.Pigeon 5 years ago

    Did they really just get Icor? That stuff is so end game and difficult to
    make. ?

  • Jessica McInnes 5 years ago

    You can zap luggage with lightning to make him twice the size

  • Luka Perisic 5 years ago

    CAN YOU REALLY GET ICHOR FROM DUNGEONS?!?! That thing is SOO hard to make
    and is REEEALLY valuable (requires nether star along a bunch of other
    things, makes god armor, mega wand and tools, and an item called a
    “Bottomless Pouch” which sounds VERY usefull XD)?

  • sam farley 5 years ago

    Why are they such noobs??

  • rsw0103 5 years ago

    Hoot is no longer hoot since it was in the hole. It is called Edgar
    now.Wonder who will get the reference. ;) ?

  • adam woodward 5 years ago

    wow so they ‘found’ a staff that is really hard to get that and took +YOGSCAST
    Will an episode to collect all the things for and it takes a nether star to
    make and they just ‘found’ it in the ‘chest that the pirates put there’
    *cough cough cheaters cough cough*?

  • neon boy 5 years ago

    Hannah love ur series keep it up :)

  • ladymulti 5 years ago

    Pretty sure Hoot no longer recognizes as a familiar; all the familiar stuff
    seems buggy when it comes to interacting with other mods and stuff;
    something Hannah did screwed up Hoot and there is no telling what it was at
    this point… I know KirinDave’s familiar got totally screwed to hell
    thanks to the autospawner prank Ridge did.?

  • Agustin Magnasco 5 years ago

    Man, Hoot is crazy.?

  • 1sonnio 5 years ago

    “i think i might be taking hunger damage” has 4 food left.

    no, no unless they changes something in the mod pack that makes you take
    damage when you get low rather then when you have no hunger left?