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Minecraft video



  • Miles Cossey 11 months ago

    Every time i make a house in minecraft and i feel proud then i watch Grian and I’m super disappointed

  • Bouncy Slime 11 months ago

    i missed it nuuuuuuu

  • Lorelai Issokson 11 months ago

    Oh the empire,
    Oh the empire!
    Hail the empire,
    Hail the empire
    Great and strong!
    Evil it may seem!
    Evil it may be!
    No side no weakness
    No where to hide from me!
    We worship the empire
    We love the empire!
    The Grain Empire of The Sea!

  • Sebi FrenchFry 11 months ago


  • InFn Minx 11 months ago

    Hi grian, can you do a thing on social media called #askgrian and we ask stuff and you respond at the end of the videos? Basically a q&a. Btw keep up the good work

  • Manuel Uribe 11 months ago


  • tachanka 11 months ago

    you should turn the train station into a train

  • CALEB SKYWALKER 11 months ago

    Wait grain what are you going to do when the water glitch

  • stefan gregorc 11 months ago

    It would be good if sam was in this.series

  • CocoTV 1 11 months ago

    G it didn’t notify me

  • Silas Barkhouse 11 months ago

    Why such a long intro

  • ww2mustang HD 11 months ago

    Oooooh u can make the station into the official grian empire museum and fill it with relics or something similar

  • Make a huge wood box house with a amazing interior

  • Colin Kidd 11 months ago

    53:12 hah I made it into Brian’s episode “3rd sign”

  • SafuanCraft 786 11 months ago


  • SplayEmperor2 11 months ago


  • Zachy Davies Mills 11 months ago

    i was 2

  • Ryan Salac 11 months ago

    Make a kingdom grain name eat kingdom of grian

  • Catherine Reed 11 months ago

    I only opened this video just to ask you to NOT make this crap anymore… This new crap sucks, imo. I want to see more buildswap and such. miss you.

  • Derp Gaming 11 months ago

    Troll other people streaming…pls again

  • Paul Hennin 11 months ago

    #tatiz land

  • Bram van der Sanden 11 months ago

    Why would you wanna be mayor if you’re an emperor??

  • Cheese Cake 11 months ago

    I’d like to see a Creeper blow up an entire Chunk.

  • magi productions 11 months ago

    y no version update

  • starwars demic081 11 months ago

    Plz do a prank where you pretend to be the watchers

  • Trevor Besabe 11 months ago

    Grain McQuack 4 mayor

  • Reeses2Pieces 11 months ago

    You should call your mansion “Grain Manor”. Not Grian, Grain…

  • Tobimanden 11 months ago

    Vote for Grian McQuack!!

  • Janeanne Rodarte 11 months ago

    He seems nervous for some reason :b

  • Holoss Larsson 11 months ago

    You could make it like the sydney opera house, it looks like it xD

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