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Minecraft video



  • MWP 2312 1 year ago

    I was #LATE

  • Nate Roue 1 year ago

    Name the hippogryph Freya!

  • A random gamer Taywar2006 1 year ago

    You could name him starwing

  • VideoView0456 1 year ago

    name the other hippogriff Frigga (Oden’s Wife)

  • EnderL Smith 1 year ago

    ,yay Odin

  • Jelloman447 1 year ago

    Name the white one Athena

  • IchiroFuma 1 year ago

    Your method of making lenses is highly inefficient. Use the starlight infuser.

  • IchiroFuma 1 year ago

    Oh, and you can only attune yourself to the major constellations (first 5 available). You can attune rock crystals to all constellations. Use attuned rock crystals to make rituals.

  • zeo Falcon 1 year ago

    U mite hast to atum to all the first constalations

  • Robert Wheeler 1 year ago

    Not that close Wait intill we name you we dont know if this is weird yet………….Xylo This is 2018 don’t prevent love if they want eachothe- AYE NOT IN THAT WAY………………Yet

  • TheUnluckyThirteen 1 year ago

    name the white hipogryph Athena, after the god of war as they’re such a fighter.

  • Shadow Kevin 1 year ago

    Xylophony when are you going to start the Monsters Of Flahara series?

  • Dragma Plays 1 year ago

    I suggested to have Odin resurrected in the previous livestream, and in that same stream I told him (and he listened) to right click the new hippogriff with an empty hand to tame it, and it worked. :)

  • Jm Monares 1 year ago

    Xylo you can drag left in the bending scroll and you can learn more lightning moves

  • Jm Monares 1 year ago

    Xylo dont kill the ice dragon waited for it to become an adult so you can have the egg

  • Hokie Nation 1 year ago a player

  • Duse Breed 1 year ago

    hey xylo I just subbed and keep up the good work

  • KingRZN 1 year ago

    Name the other hippogriff frigga

  • King Me 1 year ago

    this is what you should name the snowy hippogryph: Frigg the Nordic Wife of the Allfather Odin…. yes I did wiki it :P

  • MasterThief master 1 year ago

    Hey if u want ideas for a home for like 5 dragons Scroll.down to here my idea

    I have my own 4 dragons in mincraft and u hollowed out a cave and put the nesting stuff and the bottom I made it 75% of the cave becuase it’s more then one dragon and they need some room to move around and fell like u have a actully dragon cave/ home of dragons I suggest u do it next to odin

  • Liliana Navarro 1 year ago

    Get a water

  • Tyler S 1 year ago


  • Gavin Moncada 1 year ago

    Star Lord is already taken.

  • A Guy Called Marcel 1 year ago

    You could build two big hands and and a face of you and put your dragons in the hand

  • Will Taylor 1 year ago

    Hey how did u get this on Minecraft????? And I Am A BIG FAN

  • nasser alaoula 1 year ago

    Way you don’t get more Dragon eggs

  • Joe Karpanty 1 year ago


  • George Boulton 1 year ago

    Dragon pit dragon pit

  • Cameron Gross 1 year ago

    Do some more ark season 2 ended to quickly.

  • Caleb Bates 1 year ago

    Xylo: you guys smell good?

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