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The Diamond Sword of Spawn Pointiness is once again stained with Creeper juice in an action-packed introduction to today’s episode! Also, take a minute to consider signing up for a new NASA…


Minecraft video


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  • winston ng 5 years ago

    How long b4 Kurt will reach the Far Lands? Its been three years T.T?

  • Ethie LP 5 years ago

    Kurt to keep the series interesting you should add some weird things
    happing on your world kinda like role play. It would be really cool.1?

  • aden fishsticks 5 years ago

    Have you ever doing an F1 series with VintageBeef? i bet that would be

  • faloofaloofa 5 years ago

    The government is shutting it down!! They dont want us to see the edge of
    the universe! Its a cover up!?

  • Damn, that juddering is getting worse.?

  • GordonSkywalkerMC 5 years ago

    Kurt! I saw a blood moon eclipse this morning! Just thought it would
    interest you!?

  • Wraithdagger 5 years ago


  • GrannyGamer1 5 years ago

    I used to ask you questions, Kurt. But you’ve pretended I don’t exist for
    over a year now. IDK why; I’ve done nothing but be supportive of your
    career. I know you choose not to G+ and comment on YT videos, but twitter &
    facebook? So, I’ve lost some respect for you, as a result. I’ll continue to
    comment, but this isn’t introversion; this is snubbing. It’s unfair,
    undeserved and unappreciated.?

  • ButterBandit00 5 years ago

    That *Wolf* was quick Wolfe like how you change times every episode.?

  • Kyli Rouge 5 years ago

    When he said “Orion”, I was thinking “wait, they got permission from the UN
    to detonate nukes in space?!”?

  • the guy in the mines 5 years ago

    Kurt, come to ksp .25 you will love it, INDEED!?

  • ToryK13 - Gaming 5 years ago

    I really love this series. I don’t keep recent in news or things, so it’s
    awesome getting some news from here. I’m even more thankful that it’s space
    related, as I’m a massive enthusiast in space discovery. ?

  • SomeNiceMovies 5 years ago

    At 1:10, what is it in the middle of his inventory? Looks like Flint? What
    else? :) ?

  • K-joy-programer12 5 years ago

    Just to let you know, you are actually walking South, in MC.
    Why? See here:
    In Pre 1.9, that is the fix for the sun, and moon rising north.
    Indev had bugged the sun, and moon, to rise north instead.?

  • Rentta 5 years ago

    f1 teams don’t generally sell drivers it’s drivers who want to go to in to
    better teams?

  • TinchoXII 5 years ago

    Why is your Diamond Sword Blue???

  • Grim Raper 5 years ago

    Kurt, dont hesitate and sign up for the event iits a once in a lifetime

  • Tasty Sidewalk 5 years ago

    Kurt, why don’t you get your beds back after you sleep??

  • kaleb hasd 5 years ago

    If i lived near flordia id love to go. Nasa does alot of interesting stuff?

  • Mythricia 5 years ago

    You should watch some GT racing Kurt, it’s quite interesting to watch
    compared to a lot of other motorsports I’ve tried watching. Search YT for
    “Total 24hrs of Spa 2014″ and watch it in chunks as you can – is quite
    interesting and entertaining!?