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We attempt to use the new crucible… with mixed results. Previous: https:// Next: Coming Soon!


Minecraft video


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  • CraftinBojangles 5 years ago

    I think pouring Lava on the Flux destroys it?

  • Minnesota Wolf Gaming 5 years ago

    Nitor is one of the most basic alchemical recipes, that every thaumaturgist
    learns on day 2 in school (day 1 is tell us your name, your focus, and
    something interesting about you). I love how Duncan’s trying to cover the
    fact that he didn’t actually remember how to do it.?

  • Lily Chambers 5 years ago

    Best distraction a girl could ask for :) ?

  • gigimooshi 5 years ago

    challenge: watch direwolf and then watch the yogscast- its almost
    impossible to not make your head blow up?

  • agent3c 5 years ago

    So while they are goofing around with essential distillation and alchemy
    in Thaumcraft, they are oblivious the button to unlock the taint cure has
    appeared even though the main reason they got into Thaumcraft was to cure
    YOGSCAST Guarantee!?

  • John Bapple 5 years ago

    Before this video, A yogcast ad came up.

    It was one of the weirdest thing I ever saw ?

  • YOGSCAST Kim 5 years ago

    We attempt to use the new crucible… with mixed results.?

  • Matthew Kopeland 5 years ago

    I am the most intelligent being on the face of earth…
    Oh, great video by the way.?

  • TheMinecraftProductions 5 years ago

    can someone please tell me what mods they are using(in the series NOT the
    modpack(technically its in the modpack but just what mods they are USING)
    pretty please with sugar on top(if someone says darude sandstorm im going
    to bring you back to square 1?

  • Leon Bridges 5 years ago

    The fact that kim seems not not give a shit about anything going on kinda
    annoys me… ?

  • Dyl Treanor 5 years ago

    They have arcane bricks in there bass but haven’t researched them yet….?

  • Quinn Farren 5 years ago

    Guys ignore the haters thaumcraft mechanics LIVE off guessing doing
    research on the Internet destroys the point of the mod. alsmiffy!!!!!!! Do
    NOT team up with HIM!!!!! You guys are the best love you bye.?

  • Ghost Lemon 5 years ago

    I just got the the complete pack. What aspect of the mod is the most fun?
    Is it ars magica, or metallurgy??

  • Ethan Epperson 5 years ago

    You should find a hungry node, get it in a jar, and surround it in obsidian
    at someone’s base. It would be a really good prank.?

  • Skyleaf097 5 years ago

    Hey Kim and Duncan!
    I just want to say thank you. I am going through some very tough times at
    the moment and my days are full of sorrow and sadness, yet you guys can
    always put a smile on my face. I am so happy that you two put so much
    effort into these videos to help me (and others) to smile everyday, no
    matter the situation. I mean every single one of these words, you guys are
    the best.?

  • Darkeyes Lancer 5 years ago

    You can have my spicy meat Kim!?

  • Evan Fraser 5 years ago

    Duncan and Kim are slowly becoming more and more like villains for everyone
    on the server. Ars Magica, Witchery, and Thaumcraft to counter Alsmiffy,
    Hannah, Nilesy, and the Magic Police. Nukes for Trott, science for the
    drugs Sips is making. And, their base has numerous secret exits, a nuclear
    reactor, freeing Satan, killing Simon’s brothers, and a possible
    doppelgänger with a vengeance to kill the other. Hmmm…?

  • O.R.C Gaming -Orbit, Recon, Combat 5 years ago

    Wouldnt glowstone dust be the modded stuff?

  • KingdomHearts358100 5 years ago

    I swear, with all this innuendo, it fuels the whole shipping of them two so
    much xD
    But seriously, these two are just the cutest when it comes to jokes and

  • Ethan Epperson 5 years ago

    I always thought potentia was a fish.?