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Minecraft Fnaf: Are Funtime Foxys Kids Mangle And


Minecraft video



  • ElementWolf animation 1 year ago

    Did they forgot that he was the past?So they are not adopted

  • The Unknown Gamer 1 year ago

    I have minecraft

  • CD -GO! 1 year ago


  • Jennifer Harrison 1 year ago

    Foxy is a terrible Father

  • MiniMiniCarla 1 year ago

    in France,Its freezing cold because me i live in France

  • Dog King 1 year ago

    You girl love saipaid

  • Brooke Thomas 1 year ago


  • the3kids 1 year ago

    Freddy fazbear

  • the3kids 1 year ago

    I love Freddy fazbear my Freddy fazbear plush ❤

  • sansaugamer tv 1 year ago

    Wow bb is definitely adopted but then foxy and mangle aren’t because I’m reading a book from library-tale its telling how to know if your adopted or not CRAZY

  • nite blade 1 year ago

    Mangle is lobit and old foxy

  • Elijah Scarberry 1 year ago

    they will find you they will find you they will find you they will find you they will find you they will find you

  • FNAFGEEKSTUDIOS _ 1 year ago

    Maybe in this dimension Foxy ate too much KFC and blew up

  • Nicki Hancock 1 year ago

    I really like these videos Funtime foxy

  • springtrap the builder 1 year ago

    mangle is foxy kid and foxy j.r is lolbits kid

  • Elijus Lapinskas 1 year ago

    Funtime foxy: *WAHHHHHHHHHHH*
    Mangle: Kfc Kfc Kfc
    Funtime foxy: Kfc Kfc Kfc
    Baby funtime foxy: i like bugs
    Me: what the heck are they saying

  • MrWaffle290 1 year ago

    Omfg Foxy why tf did u say that in the beginning of the video!?

  • Squshy turtle 115 1 year ago


  • Star Wars Dude 2710 1 year ago

    What has Foxy done?

  • Squshy turtle 115 1 year ago


  • QOC imagine gaming 1 year ago

    Where did the voice go

  • Bobbi Deihl 1 year ago

    i love your chanle

  • dragon biker 1981 1 year ago

    Chicken sovle every thing

  • Kinsey Mullins 1 year ago

    I love vanilla

  • Aoife Coffey 1 year ago

    There is a point to this episode: KFCs chicken is delicious!

  • Lps Pokemon Isabella Tuber 1 year ago

    Ohhhhhhhhh noooooo

  • Erin Boehm 1 year ago
  • Ally C 1 year ago

    Cool video

  • ChessLover911 4life 1 year ago

    *me from the shadows* FUNTIME FOXY! RED VELVET CAKE IS NOT MADE FROM BUGS!!!!!!!!!

  • lefty the female bear 1 year ago

    Mangle is not adpoted

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