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Minecraft video



  • Cool cats 7 months ago

    Happy Halloween foxy

  • Cool cats 7 months ago

    Click a like if you want ballora to have a channel

  • isah volge 7 months ago

    Head Sounders knees and tose

  • Jamie Swenson 7 months ago

    btw love the character you guys have!!!

  • Julissa Rodriguez 7 months ago

    I love how you and famouse films are the best and not to over dramatic I love the channel

  • Funtime Foxy 229 7 months ago

    Is everyone going to be a handpuppet? If yes then I want it soon!

  • Grace Wilder 7 months ago

    Make it riversed like bon bon being full grown and everyone else as a hand puppet

  • Jonathan Garcia 7 months ago

    Hahaha I am like a leach I never let go

  • Megan Vangeovanny 7 months ago

    You probably really just in has for good Night in place

  • Carmen Bellini 7 months ago

    Doa vid when everyone isa hand puppet

  • Kimberly Galvan 7 months ago

    What happened to Freddy

  • Mash Potato 7 months ago

    In my opinion all the foxes sould do what dose the fox say? Like if agree!

  • Dark Blader 656 7 months ago

    Haha lol

  • Marissa ntn gamer girl 7 months ago


  • Drake Tan 7 months ago

    I call puppet a poppet and he made out of spong like spongbob

  • Loan Huynh 7 months ago

    I wonder who would be a hand puppet next

  • Endor 44 7 months ago

    Has anyone else notice that Lolbit seemed a bit uncomfortable when Ballora was talking about the victim?

  • Neon toy freddys gaming 7 months ago

    Plz make springtrap the hand puppet

  • Kevin Jones 7 months ago

    Hand puppet foxy
    Hand puppet Freddy
    Hand puppet lolbit
    And hand puppet ballora

    Only ones left are hand puppet baby and hand puppet puppet.

    Who’s next?? Let’s guess!!

  • F.TLoxy The Pirate Fox 7 months ago


  • syeda TAQVI 7 months ago

    First babies the. Fusions now puppets

  • syeda TAQVI 7 months ago

    First babies then fusions now puppets

  • Eugene Settles 7 months ago
  • Shadow_ _gotgame 7 months ago

    make everyone a hand puppet then have bon bon a regular person >:3

  • Ellie Dead 7 months ago


  • Seleste Gomez 7 months ago

    I knew this will happen me pooping and baby and spring-trap purple guy scrap baby golden Freddy hand puppets

  • KittyMoon 7 months ago

    Ballora: I drinked my soda!
    Me: -doesn’t notice-
    Puppet: Ballora said she “Drinked” her soda..

  • KittyMoon 7 months ago

    Puppet: Eat this golden carrot…
    Ballora: ooo!
    Puppet: Eat this pumpkin pie…
    Ballora: ooo!
    Puppet: And eat this nuclear star!
    Ballora: wait what?
    Foxy: wait what?
    Me: wait what?
    Me: ….PPFFFT

  • Fluffy Head 7 months ago

    Is funtime foxys voice acter sick in real life.

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