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Minecraft Fnaf: Balloras Room Attacks (Minecraft


Minecraft video



  • fnaf 1 2 3 4 sl 1 year ago

    Make a game or games

  • Nate Moon Torres 1 year ago

    you guy’s should Mack a video about lobit talk’s to much like this commit if I’m right

  • 7maccas 1 year ago

    i saw freddy in the room!!!

  • Roblox Figure Gaming 1 year ago

    Yay you got my idea on the stream

  • Boo Ja Kasta 1 year ago


  • Melinda Sanico 1 year ago

    will bonbon get a channel

  • Inkbendy20 20 1 year ago

    Ballora is weird…

  • Pablosaurs910 1 year ago

    I wanna kill myself after watching this

  • Than Daleap 1 year ago

    So sleepy

  • Heleina Dash 1 year ago

    How did the toaster even ended up down the hole in the first place?????

  • Hunter Thomas 1 year ago

    I think Freddy the tnt master can beat the room

  • SamanthaFox44 1 year ago


  • Matthew Lewis 1 year ago

    I’m watching you Foxy .

  • Bendy The Ink Demon 1 year ago

    No he dream about bendy chapter 3 and Golden freddy

  • Kitty Cats MROWWW 1 year ago

    Did enyone nodice the the sign in baby room saying R.I.P here lies washy?

  • lps Ezziewolf paw 1 year ago

    And foxy I now you were doing the focse of that thing in her room..I new the hole time

  • lps Ezziewolf paw 1 year ago

    Oh foxy you now how you said everything you say comes true you shod say I wish lobit love me and your wish is come true..

  • Justin Loney 1 year ago

    y do you Think fun time foxy is a Girl?

  • CALLAN18 #FOXYGF 1 year ago

    Plz go back to the basement

  • The Roblox Gamer 1 year ago

  • Hernesto Mercado 1 year ago

    balloras room is kinda fancy

  • Hernesto Mercado 1 year ago

    shadow freddy?!

  • Judy Anne Yap 1 year ago

    pupet master is not pupet master it’s popet

  • Terri Miller 1 year ago

    baby is asum i like her room

  • Xavier Posey 1 year ago

    Did anybody get the reference when they said stranger thing’s?

  • Evelyn Harper 1 year ago

    Shadow Freddy did this

  • Morgan Phillips 1 year ago

    OMG I love ur vids watch them all the time

  • Razvan Miclea 1 year ago

    Freddy has a you tube channel

  • Twinklesmelyros 1 year ago


  • Daila Flores 1 year ago

    I got ur shirt bollra is my favrtirit :3 i like her room so munch
    And maybe bollra and funtime foxy can kiss and can u on
    Alots of dates and be girl friend and boy friend lol lol lol lol

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