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Minecraft Fnaf: Funtime Foxy The Life Guard


Minecraft video



  • lina mariana 1 week ago

    funtime foxy is a boy

  • gerly meradores 1 week ago

    A Foxy Make Sure Everyone Teaches How To Swim Or Your Friends Will Drowned To Death.

  • gerly meradores 1 week ago

    And Also Plz Make Lolbit And Springtrap A Channel

  • Azmiy Yassin 1 week ago

    Puppet is a ghost

  • Fransi Andrei Pulido 1 week ago

    hay foxy do you no jelly

  • David Bradow 1 week ago

    Hey guys

  • Fransi Andrei Pulido 1 week ago

    watch on youtube on jelly!

  • Nick Sevigny 1 week ago

    You’ll float too you’ll float too hahaha

  • Ava Wilson 1 week ago

    Foxy is a stinky fox

  • Ava Wilson 1 week ago

    lolbit lowbit lowbit lowbit lowbit lowbit lowbit

  • Jon Marier 1 week ago

    I love you Gavin tv

  • Brian Hood 1 week ago

    you should make a small school in the pizza plase

  • Stephanie Laysa 1 week ago



    If I was one of them I would give you 100000000

  • old Bonnie 1 week ago

    Barry puppet in the sand plz

  • الاميره البندري 1 week ago

    Come on foxy why didn’t you go the doors of unknown

  • الاميره البندري 1 week ago

    First of all freddy is a dumpfuck and he doesn’t listen

  • Kurama,Naruto & Victoria 1 week ago

    XD I was like Puppet, I didn’t know how to swim and then I was like Foxy trying to teach my sister how to swim

  • funtime freddy x lolbit and bendy and Boris 1 week ago

    Guys foxy has another channel a roblox channel I saw how to be bendy in animatronic world thanks

  • Angelina Ahwang 1 week ago


  • smøl._. Freddbit 1 week ago

    This was a very good episode

  • HappyZombieKid 1 week ago

    trash voices
    dont hate me listen to the voice compared to original

  • randi hernandez 1 week ago

    There so mean to you

  • Jaytdm 101 1 week ago

    Ballora : and bury puppet
    Puppet : no

  • Jaytdm 101 1 week ago

    Bonbon : and putt my tows in the sand
    Foxy : you don’t have tows

  • Mangle fox girl 1 week ago


  • Danielle Ahu 1 week ago

    i like your vids it just why does baby and ballora some times miss out

  • J.B. plays 1 week ago

    I’m going to sue lolbit

  • JM Stockbroekx 1 week ago

    I can also float

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