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Minecraft video



  • Julia Dąbrowska 1 week ago

    So cool video

  • Dennis Goucher 1 week ago

    original voice

  • team rocket 1 week ago

    Could you pls do a special video tommorow valentines day because I have a couple of ideas : freddy x chicken
    Foxy goes on a date with Lolbit
    Puppet gets back with his wall
    BON BON has courage and is determined to ask baby on a date
    Ballora gets back with either springtrap or reggy comes back and ballora goes on a date with Reggy pls it would be very lovely and funny for the puppet one and freddy X chicken

  • Funtime foxy 1209 1 week ago

    Nice job on the acting

  • Shannon Jones 1 week ago


  • Ryan Domm 1 week ago


  • pug law 1 week ago


  • Angelina Devilina Avakin Life 1 week ago

    I came back for this channel to see foxy is playing but no….. ITS BEEN A MONTH SINCE I CHECKED THIS CHANNEL BUT FOXY IS NOT PLAYINGGG URGGGGGG I MISS DARZETH

  • Wolfy The Wolf 1 week ago

    i think i like the robot voice better the human one just sounds a bit weird

  • Joseph Tookate 1 week ago

    Freddy I’m going to send all of my creatures to get you

  • Joshua Justice 1 week ago

    i hate when its not foxy doing the video

  • Dire wolf 305 1 week ago

    Human voice ftw

  • Youtuber RM 1 week ago

    Audio meses up a lot

  • Charlie Stone 1 week ago

    I love your videos!!!!!! You guys keep making more of them AWESOME VIDEOS!

  • Mikael Baharlouei 1 week ago

    The human one and you souldnt thank him he was the one that started all of this

  • James Connelly 1 week ago

    Dosent die from 10000ft fall

  • Jessica Castro 1 week ago

    Guys Sonic X speed fire Copied this channel

  • Jed Anthony irinco 1 week ago

    Do you kno da wae?

  • Tony Rinaldi 1 week ago

    Human voice

  • Joseph Tookate 1 week ago

    Funtime foxy is foxy

  • Let's Draw 1 week ago


  • Wolfing Demon 1 week ago

    The Original Robot voice

  • Zachary Maddox 1 week ago

    Can you keep your voice as a robot it sounds so cute

  • Lee Lathif 1 week ago

    There’s 3 nether stars in foxys room u know freddy

  • Adam Moqbel 1 week ago


  • Lexie Andrews 1 week ago

    Do the loud Voice robot gaming text the one that sounds weird to you the human want you know so ya bye

  • funtime spicy 1 week ago


  • xXCashton PlayzXx 1 week ago

    I Want the old Robot__Gaming Voice Please.

  • bela :D 1 week ago


  • Funtime Gaming 1 week ago

    Robot gamming voice

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