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Funtime Freddy finds Golden Freddy’s Secret Door!


Minecraft video



  • Bonnie the Bunny 8 months ago


  • Matthew Schutte 8 months ago

    Funtime freddy is supid

  • call of duty pro 8 months ago

    can i get a shaut aut

  • Rich Pedro 8 months ago

    Brave funntim Freddie

  • perdue gameing 8 months ago

    freddyyour dog is captured bye puppet

  • Anthony wilcott 8 months ago

    he is everywhere

  • Oliv RedPanda 8 months ago

    Hey hes not as dumb as he looks!

    ……… im so srry i should not have said that IM SORRY FREDDY!!!!!

  • Raven Bearden 8 months ago

    @Freddy I have a theory your dog is within the portal

  • BAHASA PPDRNU 8 months ago

    I think golden freddy allready killed your dog. hehe

  • BAHASA PPDRNU 8 months ago

    i like goldy. i call golden freddy goldy ok

  • Angel Brown 8 months ago


  • Tania Hernandez 8 months ago

    I love you

  • James Rawles 8 months ago

    Silly freddy

  • Gameplay Aiden -my gameplays are kinda funny 8 months ago

    Funtime freddy i know where your dog is it’s living with me! I STILE HIM AND YOU WILL NEVER HAVE HIM BACK HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • zorua 8 months ago


  • Damien Robinson 8 months ago

    I am back

  • Gulyás Fánk 8 months ago

    Hi guys! Im hungarian.

  • ManaHoggart 8 months ago

    this is a grafty falls

  • E Velde 8 months ago

    Hee waar is bonbon :(

  • Brooklynn Gellert 8 months ago

    Your dog is with puppet

  • the legend girl 8 months ago

    freddy: the plunger well help when i have plunger there is nothing to fear!!
    me: ummmm freddy are you sure???
    *mean while*
    golden freddy: you well never escap me!!!
    freddy: take the plunger!!!!
    me: 0-0 wow it’s working that is really….cool!!!

  • conor begley 8 months ago

    The Puppet has captured your dog in his lab again.

  • L. Foo 8 months ago

    Hi Freddy

  • Или Тодорова 8 months ago

    Your new dog is in puppet’s lab

  • Henry Green 8 months ago

    hi yt

  • Chaesse Gomez 8 months ago

    Golde Freddy si gong kill you

  • Jack Stock 8 months ago

    Hey Freddy, great video! I subbed and turned on post notifications please do the same :)

  • jp Oliveira 8 months ago


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