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Minecraft video



  • carl turla 5 days ago

    I can go to creative mode then I’m just Hanna rek it duh

  • carl turla 5 days ago


  • Kathryn Runyon 5 days ago

    Why is Freddy’s name plate say therealpuppet?

  • Chatrina Mandaling 5 days ago

    Gblk h3h3

  • Joshj Johnson 5 days ago

    Dang I missed the stream!

  • Vaughn Xyrous Bigornia 5 days ago

    Their LiveStream Name Change

  • Pia Inguillo 4 days ago

    Oh Lord…

  • Niezel Jarmin 4 days ago

    Hey foxy hey

  • Pia Inguillo 4 days ago

    Foxy how about, you should make an 10,000 subscribers special, so I could see how happy you should be!!
    Foxy I was so proud of how many people that loved you

    Foxy make a video of about all of you in the pizzaria have big living plants like a peashooter, sunflower,
    wall nut, threepeater
    Like. Plants vs Zombies!

    Lolbit loves zombie games!!!

  • Jeffrey Williams 4 days ago

    not care all fan not give me cry :[

  • Evan Newberry 4 days ago

    I just BonBon(Mrbomberman) hitting his keypad so hard during TNT run!

  • Evan Newberry 4 days ago

    Freddy,I love ur name dude “TheRealPuppet”

  • Evan Newberry 4 days ago

    Freddy:They took the L haha hahha,I’m a hip yet?
    Me:Freddy,Youv always been hip!

  • Zac Kadniak 4 days ago

    Make Freddy smart pleases because he is dum but make sure you make him smart for all of the videos pls

  • shala morris 4 days ago

    You guys are the best YouTuber ever

  • DMX Gumban 4 days ago


  • DMX Gumban 4 days ago


  • DMX Gumban 4 days ago


  • Roche Mary Culpa 4 days ago

    You’re too cool I watch everyday

  • Agarici Vlad 4 days ago

    I was sleeping when the live was going on:(

  • john hall 4 days ago

    LOL /Freddy is a panda

  • john hall 4 days ago

    this is for bonbon

  • Fnaf Sister Location 4 days ago

    I cant speak on live chat and IDK why T-T

  • Hybrid Wolf E.X.E 4 days ago

    why freddys name is da realpuppet

  • Cheryl Stewart 4 days ago

    Nuuu i missed the live stream☹

  • Henil Patel 4 days ago

    I love bedwars

  • Maribel Cerrato 4 days ago

    I love you vids you should make a birthday episode.

  • Kim Middlemas 4 days ago


  • ThatRandomPerson IsSavage 4 days ago

    No! I didn’t see the livestream! I missed everything

  • Kane kalitan 4 days ago

    One question how is bon bon tiny in the server?

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