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Minecraft Fnaf: Lolbit Goes


Minecraft video



  • Faisal Tayabali 3 months ago

    I miss freddy so much. There will be too much chicken left in the pizzaria….;-;

  • withered bonnie 3 months ago

    Can you please make a slendytubbies video I really want to see a combin with slendytubbies and fnaf

  • LucBro Plays 3 months ago

    You should Where it for a video

  • Thecoolcoolbree 3 months ago

    This is so funny

  • Annika Spanggaard 3 months ago

    Makon’ bacon pancakes

  • Wolf_line 36289 3 months ago

    Foxy we’re is Freddy

  • The Greek 95 3 months ago

    Well i’m glad that everything worked out in the end

  • Lurdes Silva 3 months ago

    Baby you can’t do that gaust because of a100%fiyl

  • Lisa Brennan 3 months ago

    me: baby ima slap you in da face
    baby: you dare slap me
    me: slaps hahahahaha meanie

  • JokerSucks AtPoker 3 months ago

    12 ADS!!!

  • Cody Trains & More! 3 months ago

    Where is freddy??????

  • Star Legends 3 months ago

    so what happen so freddys egg

  • Ea Ador 3 months ago

    1. Girls are going to jail 2. why is it weird 3. Baby why you have to be mad it’s actually good 4.More 3: A.M. games!?!?!? 5. Baby remember you are in jail you are going to have flashbacks 6. Baby he is trying to sleep don’t hurt him 7. Lol bit is supposed to be unarmed 8.i just notice BB, Baby, Bon Bon are not feeding the prisoner 9. the guards are letter B names 10.puppet can snap the wall cmon you already forgot

  • ياعلي مدد 3 months ago

    baby and lolbit playing GTA SA? or a not?

  • Sonny Castro 3 months ago

    Do play sation vids

  • LiliWolfia 897 3 months ago

    Hmmm before I watch this I thought about something, right lolbit hits foxy right? well there was a show but I forgot how it called, a boy was going in a new school he’s name is Todd, then a girl meet Todd and she was IN LOVE so she hit him and her name is Marissa (I don’t know did I spelled it right her name) so I think lolbit hits foxy cause she in love??? Or is just funny for her idk

  • Given TDM 3 months ago

    1:27 Lolbit: I Did Not
    CBaby: Yes You Did
    Lolbit: I Did Not
    Me: I Did Not,Yes You Did,I Did Not, Yes You Did,Did,Did,I Did Not,Yes You Did, I Did Not,Not,Not, Yes You Did (it sounded like baby and lolbit is talking and singing)

  • Foxy Girl58 3 months ago

    Your mom is stuck balloon boy btw I’m on 11:02

  • fluffy panda 3 months ago

    I miss Freddy

  • puppet gamer 3 months ago

    İm find your skin!!!

  • Gabby Reyes 3 months ago

    Uh snap

  • DAISY PLAYZ 3 months ago

    For the last time where is freddy T-T is he here or not?

  • Ryan Thegamer 3 months ago

    Baby, making lolbit apologize a million times won’t bring back your games

  • Twincity Bandit 3 months ago

    Foke you

  • fun star fun world 3 months ago

    I wach this in 17 hours and I’m the 32 421 person to wach this video asow I’m the 466 person to comment on this video

  • Martin Berggren 3 months ago

    Or puppet got smarter

  • Hi

  • fredd y 3 months ago

    Your awesome

  • purrtymommy 3 months ago

    i watch him in 2018 and 2019 but only on jan and feb but not on may!

  • Gotcha LOLBIT YEET 3 months ago


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