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Minecraft Fnaf: Rockstar Baby (Minecraft


Minecraft video



  • Liam Capco 1 year ago

    Do a Video were Kim Jong Un is a Guard of the Pizzeria and he Tries to nuke a Country by finding a Nuke button

  • Liam Capco 1 year ago

    If you don’t know who he is then search him up

  • Adrian Almanza 1 year ago


  • Ranier Spiteri 1 year ago


  • Shannon Smeatham 1 year ago

    Your gros and mean because u tuched babys eye

  • Funtime FoxyGirl 1 year ago


  • Funtime FoxyGirl 1 year ago

    I love ur videoss!

  • Funtime FoxyGirl 1 year ago

    What is mangle and foxy’s channel?

  • Ratcat Gamer 1 year ago

    the wall is me I am the wall I hope she doesn’t see me I am the wall

  • galixy pup 2 1 year ago

    i am the wall hahaahaahahahahahahahahhahahaahahahahahahhaahahahah

  • Funtime Geek Girl 1 year ago

    I blame Bon Bon for ruining her concert,not Foxy!

  • Emmett Mesina 1 year ago

    ik what voice is Funtime freddy – Gallant Gaming

  • Lolbit The Fox :3 1 year ago

    There’s so many puns

  • shaun Sons 1 year ago

    I am the wall

  • shaun Sons 1 year ago

    The information that is being told to you is important

    I am the wall

  • Bryan Cargill 1 year ago

    Every body do the flop

  • 1coolrock11 1 year ago

    its not a phase mom

  • MrWaffle290 1 year ago

    500 second rule

  • MrWaffle290 1 year ago

    Foxy: I want some AC-DC. Like the electricity.

    Puppet: ……..Why are you the way you are?

  • MrWaffle290 1 year ago


  • EPIXLOG EPIXOUT 1 year ago

    Very nice videos you make.

  • junky the dog 1 year ago

    Rock in roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • expert gaming sister 1 year ago

    Baby’s my favorite and foxy and ballora and pupet

  • master pug gamer 1 year ago

    Why does baby look more like a teenager

  • Tiffany johnson 1 year ago

    Rock and roll is my favorite I was into it every morning

  • Tiffany johnson 1 year ago

    I love rock and roll

  • Cute Orange dog 1 year ago


  • WILLIAM RALPH 1 year ago
  • ZachiiTYR The Yo-kai Rocket 1 year ago

    Sonic the heghog

  • funny family videos last 1 year ago

    Well baby does have a microphone

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