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Minecraft Fnaf: Video Game


Minecraft video



  • Catpizzalol2 1 week ago

    I don’t like soda but I do like chocolate cupcakes

  • patti aguilar 1 week ago

    I just realize I haven’t seen one 3 AM game did they stop making them

  • HyperPirateFoxy 1 week ago


  • Catpizzalol2 1 week ago

    Video games are better

  • noor Amgad 1 week ago

    Ducky Ducky did she killed Ducky

  • Catpizzalol2 1 week ago

    VR games as well

  • Yuliana Chandra 1 week ago

    Foxy today Freddy was on space but he was stuck

  • Emmy Richard 1 week ago

    Foxy I love your video

  • Antonio Guiruela III 1 week ago

    R.I.P springtrap like if you wan’t to save him in the explosion.

  • Emmy Richard 1 week ago
  • XxBlue NightxX 1 week ago

    500th to like the video before it even starts!!! Yay!!!

  • Claire Gascoigne 1 week ago

    He’ll ya good jobs foxy

  • The Greek 95 1 week ago

    Well im sure that it will be even better next time. Also bonbon needs to be careful or he will may end up in jail

  • Lil Kitten 1 week ago

    Notice me please

  • Plushtrapy 1 week ago

    Don’t try to anger me man I’m done with gaming’s biggest nonesense *Inventory*

  • Rinpuia Chenkual 1 week ago

    Cool game and good morning

  • Claire Gascoigne 1 week ago

    Help they have me help help

  • CAT TUBERS 1 week ago


  • Doreen Cardinal 1 week ago

    Good mroing baby and foxy and bonbon

  • progamer 150 1 week ago


  • roxy the funtime fox 1 week ago


  • Arctic_Foxx 1 week ago

    Imma Go To Sleep After A Few Videos.

  • Bosko Milicevic 1 week ago

    Hi hi foxi

  • NATASHA OKODIYA 1 week ago

    Do you know da way

  • Ty chick 1 week ago

    When will you see your children please do another crossover with them

  • TashLKEEX OctoClups 1 week ago

    Why do people still say can you do “this idea” when they say in the streams we don’t take ideas

  • Tyree Roberson 1 week ago

    If Baby was there she would probably win

  • Mr Pro 1 week ago

    3:13 what about bonk (tf2 reference)

  • DerpyPotato Tuber 1 week ago

    I think I’m early!….. ish…. btw I just subbed today :3
    I already love this channel :P

  • Mixed-up Jinx 1 week ago

    When foxy scares Bon Bon, if you put it in the slowest possible speed it sound really weird

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