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Minecraft Battle Royale is a new modded minigame


Minecraft video



  • Eric Washington 1 week ago

    Love these vids

  • Jake Torres 1 week ago


  • Sgt L Bonk 1 week ago

    Would it be possible for a realm bedwars?

  • _ IceOfTheEnd _ 1 week ago

    Thanks for clarifying i’m a really big fan

  • Emily Shaver 1 week ago

    Am i the only one who hears Kraken or Cannibal Crab in the background whenever Cody commentates solo for Minecraft Fortnite videos?

  • Troy Baker 1 week ago

    Hey plz so a nother live streams of fortnite

  • Dumdropper 1 week ago

    let me start by saying fortnite is FREEE … Minecraft is just weird now ur playing a FREEEEE game on minecraft ????? csgo mods i got ok what ever some ppl werent old enough to play it but this pegi 12 game on minecraft hell id be more scared to see guns in minecraft then a simpsons in 3d game

  • Justin Westlie 1 week ago


  • chrisplays mc 1 week ago

    nice try cody. if you had dark boots you might have one

  • Max Harbacek 1 week ago

    you guys should play 47 meters if you do not know what that is it is on netflix search 47 meters

  • mathias espinoza 1 week ago

    Loolll this is lit

  • Ashley Chavez 1 week ago

    I am a huge fan of your videos! Every video is so exciting!!!!

  • Random Much 1 week ago

    Loved the vid!

  • Aj Cyrill Dy 1 week ago

    Aww… you didn’t win yet or even once. Anyway, do your best!

  • the aggressive gamer 1 week ago

    is joe buzz finaly back

  • Bro Bliscious 1 week ago

    Do you remember when P.J got to slap you and Joe, goodtimes

  • Fire Knight 1 week ago

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo You lost =(

  • 꼬마 뱀파이어 games 1 week ago


  • Tyler Beck 1 week ago

    RIP eardrums on 14:25.

  • Pacey Uriel Daniel 1 week ago

    Cool cody

  • daniel png 1 week ago

    where is map download

  • Piña colada Cat 1 week ago

    Tried the avatar mood for talking pounds

  • Yuri Rodica 1 week ago

    do more but team up 2v2v2

  • Kenz Necesario 1 week ago


  • Mahdi Guesmi 1 week ago

    your crasy

  • SlySkull 1 week ago

    Check out brick rigs

  • Jeryco Chandra 1 week ago

    pls do more of this is funny

  • Robert Park 1 week ago

    do a winter Olympic games

  • GFKing482 [Gamer] 1 week ago

    If you guys ever need a guy for a video, I could help out.

  • l Brockington 1 week ago

    I love your channel so much I hope you do of finding talent with all of the people that you

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