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We are playing Fortnite in Minecraft!


Minecraft video



  • Sawyer Ford 10 months ago

    i was just mad at my brother and 40 seconds in to the vid im already happy again :D

  • Richard Hill 10 months ago

    Make it best of 7

  • DragonGT -12 10 months ago

    Add supply drop

  • Oliver Jonas 10 months ago

    I love tacos

  • Rebecca Derksen-Poulton 10 months ago

    You didn’t win pat!!!!!!

  • Stephen Messinger 10 months ago


  • Adrian Brown 10 months ago


  • bloh blah 10 months ago

    Fornite advance

  • idanae love 10 months ago

    Why doesn’t Jen record we want to see you point of view!! Please post jens point of view

  • ragingfire 12 10 months ago


  • Lisas NailsSpa 10 months ago


  • James Lao 10 months ago

    actually pat should have won the second match because pat shot the weapon and killed both of you and killed jen so pat won the second round.

  • ahmad azim 10 months ago

    Jen2 pat4

  • Drake Lumpkin 10 months ago

    How do you get in Minecraft?

  • Conor Ianniccari 10 months ago

    3:23-3:24 that’s fortnite for ya

  • Colin McClure 10 months ago

    I wish death upon every Minecraft youtuber

  • Jen you phyco

  • Rick Mullin 10 months ago

    VHi h x x s. -c c cc. P

  • Charlotte Gaming 10 months ago

    Hi :)

    Can you reach the bottom? 0-0

    Good luck…..

    Are you still going?

    Cmon! If you made it to this point keep going!!!!

    Almost there!

    A lil more… ;)


    Congrats >:3 you made it.
    Have a lovely day :D

  • Tobi Ayibiowu 10 months ago

    with thanos you also drop all your weapons you come back down from the sky

  • Popular girl mmos The epic 10 months ago

    Please please please do more of fortnight it’s the best

  • Kahaan P. 10 months ago

    jen has aimbot CONFIRMED

  • Ibrahim Playz 10 months ago

    i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove this

  • ImNotADog ImADog 10 months ago

    Wait so your killing Jen and she’s dead

    Minecraft logic

  • SB 737 biggest fan 10 months ago

    When jen falls down the toilet she’s cothered in pooooop

  • SB 737 biggest fan 10 months ago

    Play this in the arena in the challenge games map

  • Amy Deloach 10 months ago

    Keep on doing this videos

  • Creative Allie 10 months ago

    Hey pat and jen I would be so happy if you can bring back the old type of videos

  • blastingpugtato1 wow 10 months ago

    this is kind of like the hunger games

  • Ibrahim Playz 10 months ago

    Not fair 60 second then attack

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