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We are playing Fortnite in Minecraft!


Minecraft video



  • Sawyer Ford 7 months ago

    i was just mad at my brother and 40 seconds in to the vid im already happy again :D

  • Richard Hill 7 months ago

    Make it best of 7

  • DragonGT -12 7 months ago

    Add supply drop

  • Oliver Jonas 7 months ago

    I love tacos

  • Rebecca Derksen-Poulton 7 months ago

    You didn’t win pat!!!!!!

  • Stephen Messinger 7 months ago


  • Adrian Brown 7 months ago


  • bloh blah 7 months ago

    Fornite advance

  • idanae love 7 months ago

    Why doesn’t Jen record we want to see you point of view!! Please post jens point of view

  • ragingfire 12 7 months ago


  • Lisas NailsSpa 7 months ago


  • James Lao 7 months ago

    actually pat should have won the second match because pat shot the weapon and killed both of you and killed jen so pat won the second round.

  • ahmad azim 7 months ago

    Jen2 pat4

  • Drake Lumpkin 7 months ago

    How do you get in Minecraft?

  • Conor Ianniccari 7 months ago

    3:23-3:24 that’s fortnite for ya

  • Colin McClure 7 months ago

    I wish death upon every Minecraft youtuber

  • Jen you phyco

  • Rick Mullin 7 months ago

    VHi h x x s. -c c cc. P

  • Charlotte Gaming 7 months ago

    Hi :)

    Can you reach the bottom? 0-0

    Good luck…..

    Are you still going?

    Cmon! If you made it to this point keep going!!!!

    Almost there!

    A lil more… ;)


    Congrats >:3 you made it.
    Have a lovely day :D

  • Tobi Ayibiowu 7 months ago

    with thanos you also drop all your weapons you come back down from the sky

  • Popular girl mmos The epic 7 months ago

    Please please please do more of fortnight it’s the best

  • Kahaan P. 7 months ago

    jen has aimbot CONFIRMED

  • Ibrahim Playz 7 months ago

    i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove this

  • ImNotADog ImADog 7 months ago

    Wait so your killing Jen and she’s dead

    Minecraft logic

  • SB 737 biggest fan 7 months ago

    When jen falls down the toilet she’s cothered in pooooop

  • SB 737 biggest fan 7 months ago

    Play this in the arena in the challenge games map

  • Amy Deloach 7 months ago

    Keep on doing this videos

  • Creative Allie 7 months ago

    Hey pat and jen I would be so happy if you can bring back the old type of videos

  • blastingpugtato1 wow 7 months ago

    this is kind of like the hunger games

  • Ibrahim Playz 7 months ago

    Not fair 60 second then attack

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