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Minecraft video



  • Villager #4 8 months ago


  • Villager #4 8 months ago

    Someone make a video discussing every side character of famous youtubers

  • mark jedd del pilar 8 months ago

    Naveed I want dragon mod for me thank you

  • FlamingNinjaStar 8 months ago

    cool mod im 100th comment

  • azcr 7 8 months ago

    What is your minecraft version??

  • mark jedd del pilar 8 months ago

    But if you want to but if you don’t that’s OK thanks

  • Marisa Tupaz 8 months ago

    Naved you cool

  • ghostHaroon Ilahi 8 months ago

    How to make a friendly zombie like mark

  • Bogdan Iftimov 8 months ago

    Ceai ba te transfoi

  • Haro Pab 8 months ago

    I miss minicraft

  • Denzel Cheatham 8 months ago


  • Lady Lyka Bendicio 8 months ago

    I’m really scared of the game GRANNY!!!!

  • ExplodingNukeYT L 8 months ago

    Just call her Granny instead of Granny Horror

  • meme gamer 8 months ago

    Thanks you are my preferat minecraft vlogger

  • meme gamer 8 months ago

    Play granny the horror game

  • Andrei Banaga 8 months ago


  • Brent Michael Villamil 8 months ago

    I like it Just he say granny horror instead of Just saying granny hahaha

  • Qwerty Poiuyt 8 months ago

    Your videos is killingit

  • gamer guy tiger 8 months ago


  • EyUpH4N_ NZL 8 months ago

    You fucking sword noob

  • CrazyWiktorHD cool 8 months ago

    I remember when I loved this channel

  • jaden joseph 8 months ago

    Um I would kill granary for ever

  • Van Thanh 8 months ago


  • Rhys Collingwood 8 months ago

    Hello Naveed I got a special task task I got for you and Mark your zombie friend.
    I would like to do a treasure hunt and look for seven gems.
    The seven gems are a ruby, amber, topaz, emerald, colbolt, sapphire and a amethyst that will release a dragon that is named the rainbow dragon.

    And one fever I got for you had you even been thinking of doing a video of atlantis.
    I’ve would like to see a video of you going to atlantis with some Mark the zombie just like in the Disney film atlantis the lost empire.
    from Rhys Collingwood.

  • Callon Nor 8 months ago

    i really love it!!!

  • Ron Baetiong 8 months ago

    Can you play granny

  • Kim Shin 8 months ago


  • Awesome Jaqueline 8 months ago

    You look cute. Do Godzilla vs. Wither.

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